Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have a good day!


A good friend of mine has a quote she likes to remind me of when we are out walking and trying to solve life’s problems and improve our all around body health…

It goes something like this…

“We spend the first 40 years of our life beating our body up and the next 40 years trying to fix it up.”

This may not be exact but you get the idea.

Some of us are smarter and figure this out earlier than 40 and there are some of us that are still figuring it out. :)

I of course fit in the latter group.

I always think to myself if I knew than what I know now.

Then I realize I did know then (at least to a certain extent) I just chose to ignore it.

But as I get older it seems harder to ignore.

I am sure in 20 more years I will feel the same way… If I knew then what I know now.

But for now I just have to deal with now and today.

I am thankful for that!

I feel fortunate that I have a body that I can still try to fix up.

That I didn’t beat it up beyond repair.

Every day we wake up and are given choices on how we are going to spend are day.

What we will do, where we will go, what we will eat ( for those of us struggling, what and how much we will eat ) what we will see and whose life we will touch!

So quit beating yourself up!

Don’t waste this day. Make it a good one!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Out With The Old


I am a pack Rat!

Okay I admitted it so know hopefully I can be on the road to recovery.

Sadly I have admitted this a lot over the years and still I am a pack rat.

But I am taking the plunge and am getting rid of most of my way too big clothes that have been sitting in bags for over a year and half now.

I am talking a lot of clothes!!!!

Probably a good 15 years worth. Hey! I told you I was a pack rat!

They are actually pretty cute.

They are just too Big!

I am definitely seeing a theme as I have been marking and marking and marking!

I took that Black is slenderizing too heart.

I mean I have/had a lot of black.

Like at least 5 black skirts and counting. Not to mention the stretch pants, capris and shorts.

( I am not through all the bags yet )

I am also one of those people that if I like one shirt I buy it in numerous colors!

A habit I am really trying to break.

I actually think this is in my genes.

Or maybe it is because if something fit nice and was comfortable I would just buy 2 or 3 more because I might never find another shirt I liked as well as this one.

This is a hard mental pattern to break.

I mean it is all new me to be able to go into a store and not be limited on what is available.

But how do you pick just one color of the really cute shirt that fits you just right?

Okay confession time just last month I bought 2 shirts the same…..black and brown.

My favorite slimming colors, plus they were on sale!

But good news!

I didn’t buy them together.

I bought the brown one first.

Then a week later had my Mom pick up the black one. (Which Tiff is now claiming) So maybe I will just call it hers and borrow it from time to time.

Whew! I feel better now! Baby Steps!

Wow I really got a way from the issue here.

Actually I can’t remember the issue.

I guess there is really no issue except it is time for me to get rid of my crutch, my safety net, my just in case and really commit to never needing those clothes again!

Confession #2 I kept one size up.

I am only human! But it is not a big net or a big crutch. Maybe next year one size up will go too.  :)

Baby Steps!

Well back to marking who knows how many more black skirts I will find…

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Shout out for Thirty More

This is going to a be short one for now.

It is just to nice outside to be in here at the computer.

But I had to let you all know about this great contest click  here at thirty more. All you have to do is make a quick comment and you will get the chance to win a turbo jam video or a Weight Watchers pedometer.

Plus even if you don’t win I am sure You will enjoy Jenna’s Blog.

She is so open and honest about her struggles with weight loss. A subject so many of us can relate too. For me a never ending struggle.

One day at a time! That’s all I can do!


I am really hoping to win the pedometer though!

I have always wanted one.

I actually got one free with my last Leslie Sansone DVD.

But it has never worked!

So even if I don’t win this one maybe one of my kids will read this and get me one for Mother’s Day!

I mean after all I did bookmark my blog on their favorites! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running Free ( Pretty Catchy Huh?)


I ran

Yep, I actually ran. Or should I say jiggle jog, a  term I am borrowing from Jamie R.

Because when I think of running I picture at least a little bit of speed.

I think if I had an audience it would have looked like slow motion, kind of like when the Bionic woman runs. Only not nearly as cool!

Who is the Bionic Woman you ask?

One of my favorite shows from the seventies, if your truly interested you can borrow my DVD’s.

If you have never heard of it I realize I am getting old, so no one has to tell me. :) Oh but I am getting away from my story. (shocking)

I didn’t run quite the whole 2 miles I walked at least 1/2 a mile.

But on the way home I ran the entire last mile.

Now maybe it was because I knew I would be toast if I wasn’t on time for a wedding on Saturday.

Yep I procrastinated till 1:50 an I had to be ready by 3:00. Or otherwise face the wrath of Tim. But still I ran. I was either incredibly fearless or incredibly stubborn. And lets face it, I am really not afraid of Tim! So I must be just be stubborn!

And even though I am not afraid of him, I didn’t want to be disrespectful of him since he was quitting early outside to go to the wedding with me. Me being late would not have been a good thing.

So that was a huge incentive to go a little faster.

And Saturday was a beautiful day and I wanted to see how I would do running outside.

Now remember I am truly not a running enthusiast.

Nor am I doing this to impress anyone but myself.

It is just that for the longest time this wasn’t even an option or a possibility for me.

Now it is!

And that my friends, is so incredibly freeing!

So for that 25 minutes I felt free.

Now I have to be totally honest.

I didn’t commit to run as much as I did.

I told myself I will just run to the bridge.

Then I got to the bridge and I told myself I would just run to the corner.

Then I got to the corner and I told myself I am going to make it home.

And I did! All sweaty and out of breath but feeling incredibly triumphant.

Now I know it really wasn’t that far

and it really wasn’t that fast

And I did actually stop and talk to a neighbor who was mowing her yard. ( Before the last mile of course )

But for just a few minutes I realized if I could do that I can do more.

It also made me realize this is how I eat.

I tell myself I have to be good till lunch, Then I have to good till 3:00, Then the toughest time for me is 3:00 till 6:00. Then I just have to make it till bedtime.

There are some nights I would have been a lot better off if I had just went to bed at 6:00. :)

It does seem sad that I have to constantly be making little deals with myself but hey that is what works for me.

For my friend she will call me in the morning and tell me to check on her that night and if she went out of her points and didn't exercise she will owe me $10.

Guess what? I have never gotten a cent.

That works for her!

We all have to find that little niche of  what works for each of us personally.

And if you see me in town running errands from 3:00 to 6:00 you will know I had to get out of the house and totally away from food. This is another one of my little tricks, sometimes even my little pep talks to myself aren’t enough.

Now I realize this post is getting rather lengthy so I need to sum it up…

I made it ready for the wedding by 2:57.

I plan on running again with my goal of running a complete 2 miles even if I have to do it one telephone pole at a time.

So far today I am doing great on my eating. (I know it is only 10:00 but hey 3.5 hours down only 12 or 13 more to go)

I plan on marking some of my large clothes to sell at a garage sale in less than 2 weeks.

I have held onto them far to long already.

I have decided that I will not need again. This is incredibly freeing but really scary for me.

I still don’t trust myself!

So I am still keeping one size up. (Baby Steps)

And now I am off to tackle Mount Everest other wise known as my Laundry room!

Sorry I was a little all over today it is just how my brain works some days.  Okay a lot of days! :)

One last thing for any of you who actually made it through this entire post…

Tim thinks it is pretty sad that I had to comment on my own post title (for review Running Free,pretty catchy Huh?) I thought it was kind of funny. What did you think?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Restocked


First of all Thank you, Thank you for all your comments! I am feeling much more read today! :)

It is so nice to know I am not alone on my frustrating days!

Yesterday I went and restocked!

I thought that was a great term from my last commenter Teresa C.

I have a whole bunch of healthy, low fat, low point choices for my stalking habits.

Just to give you a few ideas of what I have in my frig and pantry now… (blocking the Easter candy)

Light string cheese (1pt )

Already made up broccoli in containers ready to warm up. (0 pt)

Jell-O fat free chocolate pudding cups (1pt )

WW strawberry pie (1pt )

WW yogurt (1pt )

Orville Redenbacher 97% fat free popcorn (3pts for the whole bag) and yes I actually eat the whole bag

carrots ( yummy sweet ones that I have to peel but it is worth it )

Did I actually say yummy carrots?

sugar free gum

lemon fluff



clementine mandarine oranges ( Oh so good!)

Well that about sums up my list although I am hoping to make some chocolate bran muffin brownies today.

What kinds of food do you like to restock your pantries and frig with?

Oh and Kristen is that cheesecake still in the frig?

Also I have a prayer request … Many of you may already follow Mckmamas blog (aka My Charming Kids) if you don’t you can always click on her on my blog roll.

She has 4 small children and her baby has been in the hospital for the last month with a rare heart condition. Today they are flying via medical transport to Boston for further treatment. I don’t know her personally but  have really enjoyed her blog and her story has been such a witness so could you just whisper a prayer for her and her family and sweet baby Stellan and also for all the other parents out there that are struggling with a sick children.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One of those days



I am having one of those days!

You know the kind of day when you want to eat everything!

You go to the frig and look.

You go to the pantry and look.

At least I hope you just look because if you start eating watch out!

It is amazing how many times I have looked today.

Why do I do it?

Nothing changes.

Yet I still feel compelled to look anyways.

Maybe it is the weather because I have friends that are having this same struggle this week!

Is it just us or is anybody else out there having this problem today?

Don’t be shy, leave me a comment.

( Please leave me a comment… I am feeling so unread! )

Are you a Frig or pantry stalker?

It is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is just another thing to overcome. That is unless your snacking every time you look.

Then you might be ashamed :)

But you still have to overcome it!  :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Pajama Day

I can’t believe I am admitting this.

I had a pajama day.

That’s right I was in my PJ’s all day.

At some point I put on my Tennies and called them my work out clothes.

But everyone around here knew they were really my jammies.

You might remember I am extremely unmotivated on Mondays.

Well it is really bad when my kids don’t have to go to school and I get the luxury of sleeping in.

Now don’t get me wrong I still accomplished quite a bit today.

Okay maybe not as much as I should have… but I think everyone needs a PJ day every once and awhile.

I am still recovering from Easter weekend. Way too much chocolate around my house now.

It is really trying my will power. I have eaten 2 small bunny heads today before I forced myself to finally give the bunny bodies over to Tim. (chocolate bunnies of course)

I convinced Tiff to workout with me today…

It is so much more fun when you exercise with somebody else.

Although I am not sure she would admit it.

She did admit it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

Hey! maybe my Leslie workouts will finally gain a little respect around here! :)

Well I ended my day with a refreshing shower and you guessed it… clean jammies (AKA workout clothes).

I am all ready for tomorrow! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009



I know this is not my typical post.

My youngest son has begged me to post this so I thought what could it hurt.

My brother-in law is getting into the puppy business.

He bought 6 new dogs this week.

It finally hit him how many dogs he was going to have so he asked Tyler to sell some of the of the puppies he already had.

1 is a purebred boxer ( the white one with the spot around his eye ) He is so cute!

3 are boxer and we think Australian cattle dog. They are so cute!

They have had shots, been wormed, and had their tails docked.

He is asking $200 for the purebred and $50 for the rest.

So if you want a darling little puppy PLEASE let me know! :)


Oh and just think how much exercise you could be getting walking and playing with one of these little darlings!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It was bound to happen someday…





Looks like somebody didn’t figure out her daily caloric needs! Thanks Catrina for the cute Pic!

Now I hope this pic didn’t offend anyone.

I actually can relate to the 2nd pic. Not the first mind you but definitely the 2nd!

It takes 3500 extra calories to gain a pound.

That means you have to somewhere get rid of 3500 extra calories to lose just 1 pound!

You only have 2 options….

Cut back on your eating or you have to exercise.

The combination of the 2 is really the best solution.

I have figured that to lose the 165 pounds that I have shed in the last 2 years I had to get rid of a whopping 577,500 calories.

That is close to 800 calories a day for 2 years that I had to get rid of!

But the shocking thing for me is the fact that over the 15 years I put on the weight I only had to eat an extra 105 calories a day. This is not very hard to do.

That isn’t even a can of pop, or 2 oreos, or a snack pack, or a candy bar or an extra dump of cereal in the morning… the list goes on and on!

It made me realize that none of us are safe from putting on a lot of extra weight. It can happen to any of us. With just a few extra calories a day over time it can just sneak up on us.

That is why it is so important to know how many calories a day you need. Next is know where your at on your weight ( without becoming obsessive ) So you don’t have to lose a 6 digit caloric figure.

If your interested you can go to this web site and find out what your calorie needs are…http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm

If your interested in how many calories you burn during exercise just Google calories burned calculator and it will bring you up lots of options!

Oh and as for Barbie I’d say she has been avoiding the scale for a while now. ( Been there, done that ) I estimate that she is going to have to get rid of at least 250,000 calories to get back into her bikini.

Who knows maybe she will meet fitness Ken and will shave those calories off in no time!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In case you’re wondering


You know you can plan and you can idealize how you think things will go but really you can’t control it.

Today was the day I gave my little talk on living a healthy lifestyle.

You know the talk I was stressing over last week.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to talk long enough.

Turns out that was not a problem!  :)

I know most of you who know me probably aren’t shocked.

For those of you who weren’t there let me tell you how my morning started out.

For those of you who were there I apologize for the repeat.

Here is the Blogger condensed version…

I had in my mind I would get up early do my 4 fast miles workout, Sit in my favorite chair read, pray and have a quiet time to reflect. Then plenty of time to get ready no hurries or worries.

What actually happened…

Stayed in bed 30 extra minutes

2 sons up wanting to eat

Had to throw on clothes from dirty wash to explain to drivers ed teacher who was sitting in my driveway that 15 year old son was sitting at school with my hubby waiting for him.

Turned around for my quick escape only to realize that I was locked out of house.

Ran around to garage, lucked out because hubby left the door opened.

Realized that dog had 1st accident ever in garage.

I did get a fast 2 mile workout and a quick meditation in though before the craziness started.

Through all this I had to smile.

Why you ask?

Because I didn’t worry or stress about my talk the entire morning until I actually got there. (No Time)

God knew what I needed even if I didn’t.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of Humor!

Plus it gave me a great opener for my morning talk, a little detail I was stressing about.

I’ve said it before and I am sure I’ll say it again.

God is good!

Well I am off to sweep the house, maybe I’ll even burn a few extra calories.

Not usually my Saturday job but I made a trade with my youngest son…

I sweep, he cleans up the little “dog accident”

Oh and in case you were wondering…

I think my talk went Okay, there were some things I shared that weren’t in the “plan” and a lot more that I could have shared. I enjoyed it and I hope the ladies there did too. It ‘s dangerous to give me a mic.

Plus the 3 ladies who spoke after me were great!

The planning committee and lunch committee did an amazing job!

In case I didn’t get to you…

Thanks so much for all you did!

I feel very blessed to be a part of the day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To post or not to post that is the question!


I am feeling a little quirky today!

Can you tell?

My mind is so full of facts on fat, fiber, calories and power foods.

You see I have been reading article after article on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

I am sort of like cramming for a test!

Saturday I am speaking to a group of ladies from my church about a healthy lifestyle.

Now it’s crunch time!

Facts I know but just want to double check. I don’t want to misinform.

I only need to talk for 30 minutes.

That should not be a problem right?

I mean I can talk to my Mom and friends for a lot longer than that on the phone.

I love to talk!

So why am I just a little nervous?

I am Human!

Here is my verse for today that I get from verse-a-day.com

Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9 (NASB)

God is so good!

Why do I always seem to forget?

I am Human!