Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update and The Lakes


Well after my re-evaluation post I thought I better tell you how it’s going…

I am writing everything down

I am measuring and weighing food

I am exercising daily

The scale is moving downward. YEAH!

I realize I was eating to much even if it was low fat, good for you food.

I am still mourning the fact I don’t need much food to exist but I will get over it eventually. :)

Okay now for a topic change


I am leaving Saturday for two weeks at the lake with my family.

We are all excited and are getting packed up.

The first week we will have the whole gang…

My Mom, Sis and her family and Bro and his family and of course my whole family.

21 of us total! CRAZY HUH?

I love every minute of it.

Tim will have to come home some and work as will Travis the 2nd week.

I may even come home a day and tend to my garden and stuff, or… maybe not.

The lakes are fun but a definite challenge on the eating front.

My Scales will be going (sarcastic WHOO HOO)

But usually I do pretty good.

My weakness being the best Donuts ever…

Tom’s Donuts by the Lake, Angola, Indiana

and of course snacking at night while playing games.

So here is some pics from last year and even some really old ones to show you what goes on at The Lakes!

The cottages we stayed at last year and this upcoming year.


My Sweetie!


Me skiing after about 17 years of not skiing…

Am I too old to try bare footing?




Showing off

Tadd muscleman on skies

more showing off…….. No Hands!




games and snacks


Trying to find a Internet connection and bonfires104_3356


100_1576 Cousins 2004100_1590

Grandma is always trying for an original Christmas Pic

kids in boat

Here is an old one… Still playing cards


Quite a few years back maybe 2001?


Even older


Wow this is really old… Travis, Chad, Tadd, and Kris


The whole Gang in 2008

Kaehr  Family Pix_edited-1

Oh there are so many more but this will have to do for now!

I think you get the drift…

It’s a great time!

Thanks Mom for making it happen!

So you may not hear from me for a few weeks as internet connection doesn’t come with the cottage.

But never fear I’ll be back in August!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 things


I kind of like these blog hoppy contests.

I am really not sure how the contest part works but I am competitive enough to try anyways

The contests is run by Brent Riggs and this weeks topic is 3 things you didn’t know about me.

So here goes…

1. When I was 15 or 16 I won a yodeling contest in Berne, Indiana. Yep I can yodel. Sort of a useless talent I know but I wanted to learn something from my Swiss heritage and the language was just to hard. :)

2. I spent most of my High School career trying to figure out how to miss as much school as possible with it still being excused. I think I about drove the attendance secretary nuts. Now I am a substitute teacher at the same school with some of the same teachers and I love it and want as many days as they will give me. Who Knew? Although the paycheck helps. :)

3. I literally married the boy next door and I have lived in the same mile of road for all but 1 year of my 40+ years of life. My Mom and I moved off the farm and into town a year before I got married to the boy next door. Now I live next door to my brother who lives in my parents home place. And I live in my husbands family home place. I wonder if this is why I have a hard time dealing with change? :)

So now you know a little more about me.

I wish it would be more exciting but as you can tell I just don’t venture to far from home!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Re-Evaluation Time

Okay so here it is…

It is time for me to re-evaluate my life-style.

I eat low fat /high fiber foods

I drink very little pop ( maybe 1 or 2 cans a week if any)

I drink water ( although I flavor a lot of it with GV SF Fruit Punch )

I have been exercising daily usually 40 minutes plus

I stay away from fast food

So what is my problem?

Not only am I not loosing I was up a couple pounds this week. ARGH!

Now I am not one to panic but I feel this must be addressed.

Because I am still trying to lose. So how can you gain when you are trying to lose.

I must not be trying very hard! :)

So here is what I am going to change…

I am going to have to be faithful in writing EVERYTHING down. ( I have been lax in this area as I have been keeping track in my head)

Yep, I think that is the biggest part of my problem.

I have been having to many BLT’s ( Bite, Licks and Tastes) and not been counting them.

I eat way to much at night. ( I am a big evening snacker ) Now in my mind I think I have enough points but then again I am not writing them down so do I really?

Also I have been lax in measuring and weighing my food, choosing the eyeballing method.

So I guess it is back to weighing and counting everything!

You know it is really frustrating when I think about how little food I need to live.

Then I realize God designed me this way and if food was at a shortage It would definitely be a good thing.

So here is what I will be trying this week…

( Besides writing everything down and measuring and counting everything)

I will be increasing my veggie intake and decreasing my bread intake :(

I will save points for evening eating and not go over them.

I will try not to do much evening eating (Guess I’ll have to go to bed early)

I will keep exercising diligently.

I will continue to keep stepping on that nasty, no good bathroom scale even though it doesn’t always show me what I want to see.


Because I have to.

No matter what it says I need to know.

So if your out there afraid to step on your scale don’t be! It is only going to tell you what you already know or who knows maybe you will pleasantly surprised (That is what I was hoping for this morning, Didn’t happen!)

But if your afraid and you don’t step on it that is the best sign you HAVE to!

Remember it is only a tool we use and not by any means a definition of our selves.

I talked to someone awhile ago that had lost a bunch of weight and put it all back on and she was not happy with herself.

I asked her how did it happen?

She basically said she was in denial, avoidance and she just quit weighing.

I can relate!

It was so hard for me to step on that scale this morning.

So I knew I had to.

Or I would lose ( not weight, just control)

Sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you!

This is probably a real bad comparison…

But here it goes anyway…

Weight gain is like Cancer it is always better to catch it in its early stages.

It is a  lot easier to treat and beat that way!

So now you know, I am not always in control, I am definitely not perfect in any way, shape, or form but by telling all of you I have made myself accountable.

So Thanks!


P.S. If anyone sees me out to eat tonight with my Hubby it’s Okay I have saved enough points!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photo shoot # 2


Yesterday we went to Ft. Wayne with Julie and Clayton.

We went to John Klopfenstein furniture to use their Carousel for some pics of Tiff and also their BB court.

So here is a plug for Uncle John. Besides being a top of the line furniture store he has made furniture shopping kid friendly. He has a neat carousel, Shooting BB gym, and a movie theatre of course featuring theatre furniture. This is all at his 14/69 store. Sounds like a fun shopping experience to me! :)

I found this pic online. If you look real close you can see the Carousel behind the right windows.


Here are a couple pics of us.

The first is of Julie and I on 4th of July.

Julie and I are working on our kids Senior pics together.


The 2nd is of Clayton and Tif at Bed Bath and Beyond trying out some stress relieving chairs. I guess looking for clothes for their Senior pics must be stressful!

Tif and Clayton are 2 months apart, are 2nd cousins and have been buds since babyhood.


Okay here are some of Tiff’s Pics…

She thinks this one makes her look like a giant!

I like these next couple of pics because she has always been the Princess sandwiched between 4 brothers….

tif 2 basketballs_edited-1

But I mean come on she has 4 brothers very limiting on Princesshood!

tif and basketball

Color or…


Black and white?

black and whit

She loves this one because she thinks it shows her true self. I think it might make a cute wallet.

tiff close up with horse

Another Black and white, this might be pretty in Sepia.

Tif B&W

tif with horse

I love the next 2 which one do you think would be a better wallet….

Choice #1

tif green and blue close up_edited-1

or choice # 2

tif blue and green closeup sideways

Here I could tell it was time to end photo shoot #2 

Someone is getting slightly grumpy! :)


Oh 1 more thing look at the great snack I am enjoying today!

1/2 of Orange pepper and 2 Tablespoons of Fiesta dip…

0 WW points! and Oh so yummy!


Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fiesta ~ Party in your mouth & sneak peek of Photo shoot # 2


Okay this by far is the easiest recipe I will probably ever give you.

You only need 2 items

1 Hidden Valley Ranch Fiesta Dip packet

1 16 ounce fat free sour cream

And Oh my is it ever delicious!

So far I have used it in a turkey wrap, I have eaten it with raw veggies, used it as a chip dip, and also on a baked potato. It is also good right off your finger. :)

It is truly a party in your mouth!

For 2 tablespoons it is only 20 calories so that translates into 0 WW points! YEAH!!

Now if you eat more than that you have to count it for something.

So here is the recipe in pics!

The 2 ingredients!


Open the package and container and pour mix into sour cream!


Stir mix thoroughly into sour cream and Voila(wah Lah!) Your dip is done. No dishes to clean up!


All I can say is YUM, YUM, YUM!


Oh and here is a sneak peek of photo shoot # 2 from today. Hopefully I will post more pics tomorrow!

We are by far not your normal, traditional photographers!

But for my Mom! Look she has shoes on!

(My Mom wasn’t real impressed with her barefoot pics from photo shoot # 1)

tif basketball

Okay this one is a little more normal!

black and whit

Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time Flies

If you are just checking out my blog for the first time…


I started my blog in January to share my struggles and victories with weight loss, diet and exercise!

I have lost 160 pounds since starting this journey 2.5 years ago.

I just want to encourage anyone who struggles with their weight. If I can do it anyone can!

Page down to the bottom to see some before pics!

I have never tried this linking thing to other blogs so this is a first for me.

I have to many pics to pick a favorite.

I mean I have 5 kids who can be hilarious so how do you pick just one?

But since we are working on Tiff’s Senior pics I decided to go with one of her!

You know Tiffani always had a gift for posing!

tiffani 3 year old

14 years later…


Wow! Hard to believe she is going to be a Senior!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Photo shoot #1

I bet you didn’t know that I am a photographer!

Okay I am really only one out of necessity!

Tiff is really the photographer in the family.

She has actually been her schools photographer for the last 2 years.

This upcoming year she is the yearbook editor.

So she probably won’t be thrilled with me for posting these before she has had a chance to edit, enhance and add effects to them Editors are like that you know, but I couldn’t wait!

Today Tif and I and our excellent assistant Tyler went out and started her Senior Pics.

We only used 2 outfits and 2 locations today.

It seems that this is the best plan for us to keep a healthy Mother/daughter relationship and our sanity.

Our goal is to get 1 pic we can agree on in each outfit.

I think the wheat field is probably a do over but I put a few pics in that I like anyways.

Tif loves this 1st one so we will probably use it somewhere.

Tif on ladder tif in wheat field

tif wheat

Which of these 3 close ups do you like better?







We may have over used the arm on hip thing!

tif wheat2

This next one is one my faithful assistant Tyler took

He was like… “Hey Mom I got one with the wheat, the trees and the sky!!!”

And Yes that spec is Tif! This probably wouldn’t make a good wallet! :)


He did this one too… I gotta admit I like it.


Oh!I hope that’s not poison ivy!!!!


Finally a pic of me in all my glory! HA


Stay tuned for photo shoot #2 in the near future!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some tips from my readers!


Wow, I love saying that it makes me sound so popular! HA

I had some great comments from yesterday.

(5 actually and three were from my loyal Niece Kris)

So don’t worry I am not getting a big head!

But they had some great suggestions and remarks!

Now I am not sure everyone out there is like me and reads my comments over and over ( slow day)

So I thought I would just recap them

Their comments are in yellow ( Very technical, I know)

Vanessa said…Wow! I can't believe the Cheesecake Factory's menu! The best thing on the Specialty Desserts menu is a Goblet of Fresh Strawberries (108cal)...who goes to the Cheesecake Factory to just order strawberries!!!??? Crazy...

I Agree Crazy!

Although I might do it just to be able to eat something with my friends. Who am I kidding I would probably buckle and beg for bites!!

I hope I am never put into that position because it would probably kill really disturb me to order strawberries, even in a goblet, (I love eating out of fancy things) while they are all eating cheesecake not to mention the price is probably ridiculous.

Also please note that when I looked a little closer I realized that the nutrition facts only state saturated fat grams not total fat grams. Very tricky!

Kristen commented three times! YEAH!


Hey, I found a great new low calorie bread for sandwiches. Try Arnold's Sandwich Thins. They are like a thin bun and are 100 calories each. I'm pretty sure they are only one point b/c they have plenty of fiber. Great for hamburger bun alternatives and I've been using them for my turkey sandwich lunch. I love them because I hate eating a sandwich with only one piece of bread. This way I get a top and bottom to my sandwich for the calories that are normally in one slice! They don't necessarily fit in the cheap category, but watch for them to go on sale...

I found them at Kroger and SuperTarget in the bread aisle. They were a little hard to find b/c they were picked over at Kroger and on the top shelf, but totally worth the hunt. I also used them to make mini pizzas the other night with 2% cheese. yum... I've tried the multi-grain and just bought the whole wheat to try next.

Kris I actually tried these. They are great! I agree a little pricey so I would definitely hide them from the boys! I think Wal-mart has them too sometimes in front of their Deli.

Also Kris gave me this cool website http://www.iateapie.net/food/ 

It has reviews on healthy food that include price in the ratings, a whole section with links to coupons, and healthy eating/ meal tips. yeah! I like the reviews so you can know if something is good before you buy it or if it just tastes like cardboard or fake sugar.

Kris I actually visited this website today and they were reviewing an ice-cream bar that looks delicious, got great ratings and is only 0 weight watchers points!!!! YES! Now watch I won’t be able to find it. But I am sure going to look!!

And finally a recap from Lisa my new blogger friend. Who makes me feel just great about myself!

Lisa you are sure great for my self esteem!

Yesterday you posted you tried a cheap and delicious chicken and rice meal!!

I made a very economical meal yesterday from the Curves wt mgmt phase 1 lunches and dinner section called "Chicken Fried Rice" - I figured it cost only $1.10 per portion and boy was it delicious.

I am dying to try it! Would you post the recipe in the comment box?? Please!!!

This People is why I love blogging!

Helping each other out

Knowing others have our same struggles

And of course reading your comments (over and over, while not snacking) What can I say I am addicted to blogging!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More For Your Money

I will admit it…

Money around here is tight.

I am sure everyone is feeling the pain of this recession.

Dieting and eating healthy is not cheap.

So what is a chubby, frugal trying to be frugal person with a large family to do.

I watch the grocery ads

use coupons

I planted a garden ( green beans are blooming! )

Shop at a grocery discount stores

Avoid Fast Food Restaurants ( They are hard on the pocketbook and my allowed fat intake )

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying I never go out to eat or to the drive up window I just don’t go much!

Last night we had one of my favorite meals.


I love spaghetti!

I have revamped this meal to make it more point friendly for Tiff and I.

I now use the whole wheat spaghetti ( only 3 pts a cup versus 4 pts for regular )

I still make regular pasta for the guys. They don’t appreciate the whole wheat so I don’t force it on them.

I also make zucchini and onions. I steam them and then add them on top of my pasta before I top it with sauce.They are free and add a lot of food to your plate. Plus I love them!

I usually use about 2/3 cup of pasta, 1 cup of the zucchini and onions and 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sauce.

( I try to get minimal amount of meat on my plate )

I am not a huge meat eater and since it adds up on the points I try to leave it in the pan for those in my family that appreciate it more.

So I figure this plate full of food is only 3–4 points.

Depending on the sauce and meat.

I love this meal because it is a cheap meal to fix and it is delicious.

Plus I usually have leftovers. ( I make a lot)


So I make up my own little meals and on days when the boys are making their $2.00 Jacks pizza for lunch, Tiff and I enjoy our convenience meals.

I also had these delicious brown and serve rolls that my Mom picked up for me at the Aunt Millies outlet in Ft. Wayne for 49 cents a package sometimes they have these buy one get one free on top of that great price.


These are 80 calories, 1 gram of fat, 1 gram of fiber  totaling 1 pt.

Now I also have some from there that are 80 calories, 1 fat and only .5 fiber and they total 2 pts.

So you have to watch labels.

These freeze great so we have them at least once a week.

I love bread so they are a treat.

We also have these inexpensive biscuits with meals. They are 1 pt each. Only problem is they are hard to make yourself stop with just 1.


So far I am having a great summer on my very limited budget.

Yesterday I went rollerblading on the greenway with Tiff, Tyler and 2 of Tiff’s Friends.

This is only the 4th time for me on blades and I absolutely love it!

Tim and I went on Sunday and I also bladed 2 times or should I say was dragged around by Tiff in Florida (Hey I was just learning back then!)

I also borrowed my friends nicer blades and either they make a difference or I am getting a lot better.

So if anyone has some nice blades women's size 9 or men's 8 that you no longer use and want to get rid of please let me know I need a pair cheap.

So even though I still don’t know how to brake ( proof being the bruise on my leg when I stopped myself on a bench) I still love it!

Okay I went off track again.

This a a great way to exercise and a cheap fun activity.

Afterward we came home and played cards together. The girls taught us a new game called King Mow and we had floats.

You can have 1/2 cup FREE ice cream and diet Root beer or red pop for only 1 pt.

Last night I had a diet FAYGO red pop float.

My Mom and Tiff chose the diet AW root beer floats.

Everyone else had regular ice cream and regular root beer or red pop floats.

This was a fun, cheap, summer evening.

It also was great exercise and low points!

It was a WIN, WIN situation!

But I have to say the highlight of the evening was at the greenway when I met one of my blog readers and faithful commenter, Lisa.

How cool was that!

Lisa, since you know that I can’t comment back in the comment box because either my computer won’t let me or I don’t have it set right. I just have to say it was great to meet you!

Also I thought to myself on the way home… I can’t believe I just hugged her in my sweaty workout clothes! What a great first impression!

Great minds think alike! :)

I love your comments!

WOW! this post is rather lengthy so I guess I will just have to save some of my other little point and money saving tricks for another day!


PS. Go to Hungry Girl here to link to and read about the Cheesecakes Factory high fat and high calorie menu. It is amazing how fattening their food is. Just scroll down to The Buzz and click on the Click Here link.