Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom! 7/5/2011


We light the candles…


We sing…


Blow out the candles… whew! lot of smoke!


Cute group of guys with their Grandma!

(actually the 4 youngest grandkids)


The Couples…

Mike and Shari (the eldest)


Sam (the middle child) and Connie


Tim and Suz ( the sweet baby) :)


The soon to be newlyweds…Chad and Christen


The over a yearly weds…Dan and Caitleigh


The Singles minus Tyler…. Aren’t they so Cute!

Jeff, Ben, Troy

Jay, Matt, Tiffani


Oh here he is :) Tyler with his Great Smile!


You are truly an awesome Mom! We have been so blessed!

We Love you Mom!! Hope your day was great!!!


We missed you Kristen, Amy, Jon, Adia, Jada, Travis and Tadd!!
Can’t hardly wait for the lakes…3 days!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A long past due update


Seriously, I think I almost forgot how to post.

It has been awhile, I know

Not sure where to really begin…

I have basically completed my first school year at work.

So many changes this year.

Moved to our temp office last week, Hope to be in our new office by August. I am excited. It is going to be a beautiful office! So worth all the construction.

So many changes since my last post.

My Mother- in- law went to meet Jesus on May 5th. I can rejoice for her.  She has no more pain! We all miss her! Such a huge empty spot in the family.

Really puts life into perspective… Life is short.

Lost weight, gained weight, losing weight again….

Such a vicious cycle!

My kids are all growing up.

Travis is busy working 3 jobs this summer. 3 days a week he lives in Leo.

Tadd is on his 7th week in Burley, Idaho for a college internship…3 weeks to go. :)

Tiffani is working 2 jobs this summer. Loving them both!

Troy…is working some but vacationing more so far.  He just got back from white water rafting with his Sunday school class in West Virginia and then a week at Lake Norris in TN with about 16 other guys. Hard to believe he is going to be a Senior.

Tyler is 15 going on 30.  Today he is working ground. He would live in the Tractor if we’d let him.

I lost my faithful walking partner, One morning Buddy just didn’t wake up.

I was sad to lose him but knew with his age (14) it was inevitable.

I never really post much about Tim, usually because he likes it that way :)

I am really not into gushing a lot. 

But I have to say I have been blessed with a great husband. It always amazes me how different we are. Yet how well our personalities blend to make each other happy. We are so opposite.

He is a man of few words… I am a woman of many.

He thinks before he speaks. I speak then think.

He is very matter a fact. I debate!

Even though we are different we have many similarities…

We love the Lord

We love each other

We love our kids

We love our families

We love our Friends.

Love conquers all and opposites attract…works for us :)

I could go on and on but he would not be thrilled, that is just not him.

I told you we were different.

I think I am safe though because he really doesn’t read my blog.

And really after 4 months I am not sure if anybody does :)

Oh and I went to my first Prom and I got a cute date too!!!


Can you tell who was having more fun? He was such a good sport!


I am sure our kids were thrilled!!


Quite the posers


Very GQ…debonair


HMMM… Don’t mess with these two?


You’re in trouble now…


All better


Okay this might be getting slightly carried away!!

Brotherly love!


Have a Great MONDAY!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great Expectations


I thought I had better blog before it has been a month :)

Whew 2 days to spare!

I think the reason I don’t blog as much is because I have to big of expectations for myself.

I think I have to be clever and witty.

I think I need pictures.

I type and am at the computer a lot at work during the day and just don’t feel like it at night or the weekends.

I have 5 children but they are mostly grown and don’t like being featured on my blog. :)

But today I had an epiphany.

It has to do with faith and my abs.

But really I am getting ahead of myself…

so first an update on my lifestyle/diet

I am relieved /thrilled to inform you I can still be deligent and exercise and eat light. You can eat right and still put on weight.

Today I am on day 31 of the 30 day shred with Jillian. I have only missed one day of Jillian due to giving blood.

They advised nothing to strenuous that day so I did a Leslie Sansone instead that night. This has been quite and accomplishment for me. I really had gotten out of the daily exercise routine.

But I had a goal….

one word……swimsuit

Which I can now say 4 1/2 weeks after trying them on. I can wear my swimsuits again. I won’t win any contests but at least I can get in the pool !!

I have lost 13.5 lbs and I am hoping to at least have 15 off by next Thursday.

I believe it is very doable. ( I would really like 20 off but I will be content with 15-17.)

Let me tell you, this weight has not been easy to lose. But it was really easy to gain. As a matter of fact I gained it while “trying to lose”

Upsetting!! I mean I ate healthy and lowfat and still managed to gain.

Well the 30 day shred has definitely helped to  tighten up some places that needed tightened.

When I work out I can actually feel my abs working….

Which brings me to my epiphany…

My abs are like faith in God…

I can feel their presence and know they are there working with in me,  I just can’t see them.

Oh I know corny, and my son commented “ Oh Mom I hope you aren’t going to put that on your blog” as I was sharing my light bulb moment with him.

but as usual I couldn’t resist.

And for those of you who have encouraged me that I could do this…..

Thanks for confidence and encouragement! It was a real pick me upper!!

Stayed tuned, by next month I am hoping to have a contest but it is just going to have to wait till after Florida! I am not due for another post for at least 4 weeks!

Have a great day!


Friday, February 11, 2011



Wow! I was awarded this award from my sweet bloggy friend Lisa.

I really don’t deserve it as I have been kind of a loser blogging as of late.

But hey it gives  me a topic to blog about…

So I am all for it!!

Thanks Lisa!!


Here are the Rules for the Stylish Award:
• Make this post and link back to the person who gave the award to me
• Share 7 things about myself

• Award 5 great bloggers

• Contact the bloggers to tell them they've won

Wow! I just realized I am not very interesting. If you really want to read about somebody interesting read Lisa’s  interesting facts.

But I will at least try…

1. When trying to think up something interesting to say I made the mistake of telling Tyler my 14 year old son that I am not interesting…He then encouraged me by saying Mom you could put “I used to weigh 10 hundred pounds” realizing his mistake he quickly added and now you weigh like 100???  Definitely from one extreme to another. But I guess it is sort of interesting that I did lose over 150 pounds and have kept the majority of it off for 3 years.

2. I have lived on the same 1/2 mile of road for 41 of my 42 years of life in 3 different houses. I am really a spread your wings and fly kind of person. Or a really fat bird.

3. After spending most of my school life trying to get out of school as much as I could I now work there with perfect attendance thus far. ( I am taking a day for spring break) But as a sub for 10 years I think I only called in sick once. :)

4. When expecting my second child I visited and iridologist ( I hope that is a natural health person who reads eyes) and was told that I was having a girl and I was very lucky to have had a boy because It was very unlikely I would EVER have another boy. I ended up with 4 boys and 1 girl. Guess she was wrong. Needless to say I haven’t went back. She did add that she is hardly ever wrong but when she is wrong she is completely wrong ??? (I am assuming about that 1 person???) Well guess what when I am wrong which is hardly ever :) I too am completely wrong!!

5. I was engaged at 18, married at 19 and a mother 3 days before my 20th birthday. Engaged October 1987, Married January 1988, New Mom November 29th, 1988.  Then on December 2, 1988 I turned 20.  ( I thought I had better give you the dates for those of you who were trying to add it up!)

6. I came from a family of S’s Shari, Sam and Susie, My husband Tim came from a family of T’s. Tim, Tonia and Trent. We thought it would be nice to continue the tradition plus it made it a lot easier picking out names. So we have Travis, Tadd, Tiffani, Troy and Tyler. Turns out it can be kind of confusing and tongue twisting at times when you add it to our last name Tonner. I really liked the name Tanner but we decided we just couldn’t do that to a kid… Tanner Tonner. .. I thought it would be easy to learn to spell…. Instead he became Tyler.

7. They say that over the years a couple starts to look like each other. I actually see that in a few on my friends. I am afraid that Tim and I will never look alike. We are just way to different to start with… he is a foot taller than me, doesn’t have a weight problem, brown eyed to my blue, dark to my light and quiet to my not quiet. Lucky for us opposites attract.

Real quick I have flipped a car, almost ran over my Dad, won a yodeling contest,went over a ski jump, drove over a mailbox, broke my ankle and leg at Pine Lake which has earned me a steal plate and numerous screws, and was nicknamed “Chuckles” on my High school Basketball team.  Oh and I pretty much have the same hair style as I did in my 7th grade  pic and Senior pic.

See I told you I wasn’t very interesting, just very wordy!

Now for my awards in no particular order…

1. My Niece Amy at Treasures in Jars of Clay

2. Tara  at My Life with 6 boys

3. Julie at Life with the Lehmans

4. Vanessa at Lynndavid

5. Jessica at Fiechter Life

Hopefully you guys all read my blog and are now informed at the honor that I have bestowed on you. I look forward to your interesting facts!!!

Have a great day!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Motivation


I will keep this short tonight.

After weeks of trying to be faithful and exercise

Be faithful and write everything down that goes in my mouth

At which for weeks I have failed miserably…

I have finally found my motivation…

I tried on my swimsuits for Spring Break…

Lets just say not a pretty sight.

I now have a few options…

1. lose some weight

2. exercise and tone up

3. wear my cover up the entire vacation ( Also known as my back up plan)

4. buy a new suit that makes me feel good  NOT happening, not that I haven’t looked through a few catalogs :)

I am now on day 4 of sticking with my exercise regime, writing down and staying with in my points. I have 5 weeks from today.

Can I do it???

Or will I have to go with option 3?

At least my swimsuit cover up is cute and comfy…

and Black! Black is slenderizing you know

Time will tell!

What motivates you?


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well we had 3 marvelous snow days!!

But I fear they are over now.

But then again tomorrow is Friday and I love Fridays!!!

I love snow days, I always have but since I started working full time

I have a new appreciation for them.

Here are a few pics from the last few days.

Driveway clean up


We don’t mess around… tractor and blade also got in on the action.


Troy is moving cars to clean the parking area, very appropriately dressed for the weather. HA


He was having a hard time… Tiffs car was stuck on an ice patch.


I changed my calendar… I think I am going to love February!


January was sort of hard on me!


I worked out every day with Leslie ( Leslie Sansone DVD’s)

I have been enjoying a new favorite…


Been cooking Healthy and low fat.

I know it looks disgusting but it is delicious….

red peppers, onions, fresh mushrooms, egg whites, potatoes

Tiff made it into a smiley face!


I decided if we were cancelled today I would make the blanket that I have had material sitting in my closet for about 8 months.

I got the fleece on sale so I decided to make a 3 yd one for Tim.

Just took me a while.

Here it is cut and I started tying corners

Notes chapter11 006

This is what the corners look like before I tie them. Some people cut the corners out. I prefer to angle them out.

Notes chapter11 008

This blanket went fast.

I think I was done in about 90 minutes.


Notes chapter11 010

And Folded! So Soft!

Notes chapter11 012

Don’t worry I have goofed off plenty the last 3 days…

I just finished book 3 and started book 4. Nothing beats a good book , a fleece blanket, a glass of Sprite Zero and a bowl of popcorn on a snow day!

Life is good!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

23 years! The Perfect Two 1/31/11

I am behind on this picture of the week thing so I thought I would play catch up….

Here is a peek at what is gracing my kitchen table


I have such a sweet husband!


Yep it is Anniversary time again….

23 very short years…



and now.


We haven’t changed a bit… Ha!

Now I realize we are not perfect but when I hear this song it reminds me how I felt 23 years ago and how I still feel today!!

Stay tuned if we have another snow day I have more pics to post.

Stay Warm!


Friday, January 28, 2011

You never know what you might find…


Picture of the week # 3 ( I know I"’m behind, what else is new?)

Look what I found wedged in a behind the drawer sorta spot….

A very old, gummy “PLUGGY” I am sure someone was very unhappy about 13- 16 years ago depending on the owner…

I am guessing Troy because he was a our biggest “pluggy” fan.


Funny thing about this gummy, sticky, really old, non-useable pluggy….

I had a hard time throwing it out. I actually set it on my window ledge for a few days. Matter a fact I am not sure what happened to it. I think I threw it out or maybe someone less sentimental in the house did.

Or maybe It will show up a few years down the road…

and I will still have a hard time getting rid of it. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A good idea


So since I have been really struggling on posting I  have decide to copy Jenna and try to post one picture a week. That already puts me a week behind.

Now I am not guaranteeing new pics just a pic.


So as I was going through pics looking for pics fro Trevors scrapbook page I ran across this one from  the olds days…some of Tadd’s Sunday school class.

All the girls are married and in a few short weeks Trevor will join their club.

You will notice how styling Tadd is above… Plaid pants and yellow polo …

Some things never change!


So my pic of the week is Tadd styling in a very old , very tight snowmobile suit.

Thank goodness we found him something to wear skiing besides this.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A 14 year old Aunt…


I was lucky enough to become an aunt at a very young age!!

I was a very good Aunt!

I let them play with Kitties. ( At least I think that is a kitty)


I rode with them in the back seat… or was possibly forced.


I helped them get dressed, and taught them how to cook.


I taught them valuable life lessons


Thought I better throw a real cute one in of kris after that last one.


Fed them age appropriate snacks, was very cautious about how much they ate.. Especially off the floor!!


Taught them how to be the life of the party. Even when everyone is ignoring you.


Remind you of anyone??


Had quality family girl time.scan0013

Introduced them to really nice guys


Played in the sand with themscan0012

Encouraged healthy exercise


Wow! Could you get any luckier than to have an aunt like me :)

I wonder what could happen as a 42 year old GREAT Aunt…


Possibilities are endless!!!  :)

Too bad I have to share with Grandma!!


Have a great one!


OH and to Clarify on that last post when I said “landed it” I meant it in the since of what goes up must come down. I don’t think it was really successful. I believe the one that looks like I really landed it was followed immediately by a face plant!