Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Time


Today is my sweetie’s birthday!

You can tell by Tyler that this is an old pic

But honestly Tim probably still wears this jacket.

tim and tyler 

Birthdays past…



Here is one of Tim and I in Florida this past December. See we are still young at heart!!

tim and suz giant m&m

Happy 42nd Honey!

From your much younger Wife! :)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just a Little of This and That!


Way back in February I actually won something which is really sort of rare for me.

I won a picture from Tara Steffen’s Blog 

Well…. I actually have it in a frame and hung.

Which is amazing for me.

Here it is hanging on my bathroom wall….



This is something called a floating frame. I love it because it looks like it is matted with the exact same color as my wall…

Don’t you think?

I bought it at Kohls for under $10 on sale and I am very pleased at how it turned out.

I am hoping to take a Spring or Summer Pic and add a verse to it for the a change.

Who knows maybe I will try to do every season.

But for now I am just pleased to have it hung!

Maybe I can use one of these…





Okay this is actually one of Tiff’s

yellow flowers

As are these…

water balloons  100_0207


Okay change of topic….

Yesterday I made my Weight Watchers Strawberry Pie.

Did you know you can have 1.5 cups of strawberries for 1 point.

or a fourth of this Pie. (Whew!I finally found the recipe I should really categorize things on this blog)

Good News if your local, Strawberries are 10 for $10 this week at Meijers and you get the 11th one free.

I plan on eating strawberries everyday this week!!

Well I better end this now so I can get to bed in good time tonight. It helps my diet to get enough sleep….

1. I am not awake to eat anything and

2. There are many benefits for Health and diet by getting enough sleep If interested go here and read up on them.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!


Friday, April 9, 2010

The rest of the story!


This is my 18 year old daughter, Tiffani and I.


We had just received matching towels for Easter and as you can tell we were pretty happy about it!

Yesterday morning I was not this happy with my daughter or myself!

Years ago I was considered the creative one in our family when it came to editing and creating on the computer.

Now she has definitely surpassed me. Which is fine by me.

She asks my opinion and usually likes it, we bounce ideas off each other. It’s fun.

She has been the pub photographer, and photo editor for pub the last 2 years and this year she is editor of the yearbook.

For now she plans on going to school for graphic design.

For years I had been the Techie in our family hooking up all the electronics and computers and running the cameras.

Now she is the expert and I have gotten very lazy.

It is just so easy to say “Tiff go fix this pic, download this pic, Could you please edit this pic so I can order?”

Our cameras have gotten more complicated (or should I say her camera) Which brings me (finally) to the start of my story.

Oh one more thing Tiff has also inherited my procrastinating ability.

3 weeks ago Tiff left on her Senior Mission trip to an Orphanage in Mexico.

She was asked to be a photographer for the trip.

She happily packed up her New (used but new to her) Canon Rebel EOS Camera and new memory card and headed off.

During the week she took hundreds of pictures most of them being on her new reliable card.

The night she came home she hooked up her camera to the TV and went through them with us.

I told her that night “ Tiff get these pictures downloaded and saved on both computers and backed up on the external hard drive we don’t want to risk losing them” At least that is what I think I said.

She heard “Blah Blah Blah Blah blah Blah blah pictures!”

Fast forward a week to Easter at my house numerous cameras are being used including my point and shoots.

( the camera that I had that valuable picture of my I didn’t get to go anywhere over Spring Break Shoes from the last post)

Monday I thought I would finally blog and my memory card was gone, removed by you guessed it Tif who just couldn’t  find it that day, or Tuesday, or Wednesday ( I am not sure if she even looked Wed)

Okay so now it is Thursday morning and I am home by myself and i decided to finish the post I started a week before, But I had no picture, but….. guess whose camera was just sitting in front of me…

Oh it is fun to use!

Unfortunately I haven’t ever downloaded

(offloaded pictures from it before).

Not a big deal right?

I mean after all I am the original Techie

So after retaking my shoes pic, dishwasher, laundry and tops I decided to just download them onto the computer along with some of my flower pics I took the night before…..


Seriously isn’t this beautiful!

And of course one of Bud…


I think he is smiling!!

So I loaded the card up in the card reader.

Have any of you guessed where this story is going yet?

Plugged it into the computer

found it on the computer

clicked to download

Here is the bad part….

It said there was nothing there.


There should have been 900+ pics

So I tried another card reader….


I put the card back in the camera…

No pictures displayed…

I did this numerous times

Still nothing!

I was starting to panic.

Then I remembered that Tif, my photo editing daughter probably had them all saved and I just lost mine. NO BIG DEAL!

So I looked and I Looked and I did searches and I knew deep down in my gut that the Mexico pictures had never been down loaded.


Because Tif is her Mother’s daughter and I knew it hadn’t been done.

Then I cried, prayed, felt nauseated, called my friend, called Tim. ( This may have happened in a different order)

I was mad upset at her

I was mad upset at me

I was UPSET!!

Why hadn’t I just went back to bed?

Why didn’t she listen?

Why didn’t I made sure she listened?

Why didn’t I just keep my hands off her camera?

Why do I blog?


So at 9:00 I called Northwood ( local computer store) and asked them what could be done.

They said they had recovery software and could try to recover them.

I threw my (I went to bed with my hair wet)hair in a pony tail, threw on a sweat suit and flip flops and headed to Bluffton.

After an hour they called and let me know they had indeed recovered the pics and that I had a corrupted card. (I guess it happens)

Wal-mart even exchanged it for a new card.

I headed home with a memory stick full of pics and finished my blog post at 12:45. Four and half hours plus one week after I started it!

After school I asked Tif if she happened to have her Mexico Pics saved yet?

She looked at me with an expression I can only relay to you as clear Panic and said “Why? What did you DO?”!!!!!!!!!!

After freaking her out by saying there were no pictures on the card after I tried to download them I calmed her down by saying they were safe and sound on a USB memory stick.

I am her Mother I didn’t want to stress her long… but a little is healthy right?
Need less to say they are now saved numerous ways.

Tif and I have both learned a valuable lesson.

She will always listen to me!

Yeah I wish!

Actually she learned, I hope to always download immediately.

I learned….

NOT to touch her camera!

Way too stressful!!

So to celebrate here are a few recovered photos
















These were just a small sampling of the pics!!

I am so thankful they weren’t lost!

So as the famous Paul Harvey used to say….

“and that’s the  rest of the story!”


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Long Ago


Long Ago I posted a post

In the past I’ve mentioned I am a procrastinator.

Especially with exercising and laundry.

... lately blogging has become one too.

So here is a little catch up post…

I guess I should start with some accountability.

I have been writing down what I eat, weighing regularly, weighing out portions, and exercising.

(Update: I actually started this post before Easter weekend… I pretty much fell off the wagon Saturday and Sunday…The last 4 days I have been gaining back control.)

OH how I love chocolate and jelly beans!!



These are obviously the ones no one likes as much!

Except for me I like them all except the black ones!

( Please note that after this picture was taken the jelly beans were dumped into the trash! It is what I do when will power isn’t working!)

I figure I am just going to have keep on keeping on!

I planned on really blogging over Spring Break since we were home this year.

Didn’t happen!!

Instead I went shopping with a sweet friend. ( she too was abandoned in Adams county…Ha)

Which resulted in my…

I didn’t get to go anywhere over Spring Break Shoes…


And a few I didn’t get to go anywhere over Spring Break tops…


Now to reiterate I actually started this post a week ago.

Much has happened since then but I fear I must quit for today as I have…

Dishes to unload….


and Laundry to fold….


And a date with my DVD workout.

I have so much more to say

Especially how much time and effort it took to post these pics.

It was quite a morning.

Lets just say I learned a valuable lesson that I will elaborate on more later…

Sorry to leave you hanging, But I’ll be back…


Have a great one!