Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 17 and Sunshine!


Wow! I am so glad I didn’t know that on day 17 I would still be living in Limbo so to speak.

Everything is dry here now and the ceilings are up just not finished yet.

Hopefully by next week the ceilings will be done and the woodwork and paneling will be back up so we can get the carpets cleaned and move back into those rooms!! Oh to sit on a couch again!! :)

I have this giant pillow that we are calling our couch for now!

New carpet for the upstairs and the flooring and tile for the bathroom come next week.

I need to paint the bathroom before then.

I am not a person that likes to paint or remodel.

I really don’t like change!

So this is forcing me to do a remodel.

It is forcing me to take a hard look at all my stuff and weed out what is really important!

Funny thing this is also making me think about my spiritual life…

Maybe I need to clean out and get myself out of the comfortable mode and do a little remodel on that too!! :)

I am trying to focus on the positive through this…

There is really a lot of good that has come from this mess!

I am cleaning out closets that really need it.

I am getting 2 new ceilings…a huge improvement

I have not had to really clean my house for 2 weeks now. :)

My carpets are going to get cleaned!! They really needed it.

I don’t have to have Thanksgiving here this year.

( okay I know that is sad but really it has made me much more relaxed this year!! Thanks Connie!)

So I guess it is really how you look at things. This may really be a good thing!

Plus I can’t change things.

It is what it is!

That is what I keep telling myself on day 17!! :)

Okay so onto something more fun. This weekend was the annual Sunshine Dance at school.

Since Tiff is on executive council Tim and I have  get to go to it and work and chaperone.

Since Tiff is also yearbook editor I took pics for her.

So here are a few of the evening…

Tiff and her date Paul


Troy and his date Jessica, dancing the night away! :)


Here is another pic of them.  Not sure where his tie went.


Tim and I enjoying one of the Props!

We don’t even drink coffee! :)


Tiff dancing with her friends, These kids really like to dance!


Tiff and Tiff


I have more pics that I took of the kids before they left, you know the pics we moms take, but I can’t figure out how to unload them off of Tiff’s new (used) camera I think we are going to have to get a card reader!

On the eating front, pretty much the usual… fell off that darn wagon again this weekend so I am spending this week making up for it!!

I am going into Thanksgiving with a positive I can do it attitude!!

Although, I may have to step up my work outs!!

All for now!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 7

Today is day seven since the overflow. It will actually be 1 week tonight at 3:30 am. Here is all that’s left of the machines…


Yep, that’s right one lone machine. We are almost done drying out.

Tadd came home last night from Purdue, he missed at on all the action. He really likes this fan and the powerful air stream it blows. I caught him with it directly on him this morning. He is hoping Jeff will let him keep it! :) I have no such attachment to them!

Hopefully on Monday they can start with the new ceilings, possible rewiring, then the bathroom floor, then all the carpets will have to be cleaned, which will bring us back to the blue machines, then it will be time to put this place back together.

I know we still have a long way to go but it’s coming!

For now I am just listening to the hum of 1 lone fan and that folks is music to my ears.

Thanks Jeff for your nice comment on my last post we are very appreciative of all you and Shawn have done for us. I am sure it is not how you guys were planning on spending your Sunday! Oh and I loved your Hallelujah serenade on the answering machine very appropriate!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I should really be in bed!


Yep, it is late and here I sit blogging. I am tired!

I had a full day subbing, Went to the field right after school to pick up Tim, came home fed him and Troy, went to a scholarship meeting with Tiff, came home changed then went to the funeral home.

After that I came home again, cleaned a few dishes , took Tim a snack , rode a couple rounds on the tractor…

Whew! I should really be in bed!

But here I sit boring you all!!

Here is a update and a few pics..

Ceiling#1 is totally down. Guess what??

We discovered another ceiling under it.

Seems that about 50 years ago this house had 9 foot ceilings.

While I was marveling at the fact that I could have had 9 foot ceilings the guys from Maintenance Resource were processing the fact they had another space to dry.

New Plan….

They drilled holes in this “new/old” ceiling and brought in what they call the Octopus!

Very cool looking, unfortunately still loud!


The hidden ceiling


The Octopus body!


We are obviously still drying out here! I can’t wait till all these blue machines are gone but for now they are just doing there job!!

I’m glad I get to go to work tomorrow!! :)

Well off to bed that old alarm will be ringing way too soon!


Monday, November 9, 2009

My toilet over-floweth


Yes, Literally my toilet over flowed this Saturday night.

It was sneaky…

Quietly seeping down out of the bathroom, flowing into the hallway then through the floors and ceilings till it hit the basement floor.

Here is the guilty culprit…100_3517

A Super Flush that uses very little water

We were told very hard to plug! HA!

Although according to everyone here no one plugged or used it last.

But sometime between 12:00 and 3:30 am someone snuck in and used it and somehow got the handle stuck.

By the way this is not my choice in flooring, It is just what I have at the present time.

Anywho I woke up at 3:30 am to use the little girls room only to step into a squishy squashy river 3 steps out of my bedroom door.

As I walked further down the hall I could see the lake that covered my bathroom. As bad as all this was I think the sound of pouring water from the downstairs was even more alarming.

We tried for awhile to catch the water but it was coming just too fast and all over. YUCK HUH!

100_3485My hollering woke up Tim who immediately turned off the water in the bathroom. Where was I!

I barely made it to the downstairs bathroom. Hey remember why I was up…. Running water is not a huge help.

After Tim getting shocked trying to take the light fixture down ( it was turned off at the time) We decided the buckets and bowls really weren’t a huge help and it wasn’t worth getting electrocuted over.

Anyways Resource Maintenance came on Sunday and today, and tomorrow and????…. They’ll be here till everything is dry.

Here are a few Pics of how things look…

A view of the family room


A view of the kitchen with Jeff and Shawn Yergler hard at work


A view of Travis and Tadd’s room and the hall


the living room with all the furniture stacked in it.


The entry room


A view of part of the ceiling.

100_3508  A few of our literary victims.


They enclosed the 2 rooms that were the wettest and are now drying them with fans and giant dehumidifiers. We also have them upstairs and in the basement.

It sounds like a wind tunnel in here and it is very WARM!!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

On a positive note… It is very hard and inconvenient to snack. Although this could be my most expensive weight loss plan yet!! :)

So before going to bed make sure all toilets  are not plugged and the flush handle is in a neutral position.

OH and if this does happen to you, Jeff Yergler says you can call him anytime day or night!!!

He does come with a price. :)

Have a great Day!


Do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.
Nehemiah 8:10 (NASB)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Answering Questions


Hey!! First of all I want to say thanks for all your great comments!

For you first time commenters. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone! It was a really big pick me up to hear from everybody!

(L) you seriously crack me up! We have got to be related!

A while back I was having blogger block and one of my sweet blogger friends (L) asked me a few questions to inspire some blogs. I realized today I have never answered all of these questions so I thought today we be a good time…

Especially since I got nothing else… :)

1.What are some things that you no longer do because you have replaced it with your new healthy behaviors (i.e. instead of watching tv now you walk? or you wake up early to meditate?)

One of the biggest things I do differently is I quit drinking pop.

I am not talking cold turkey I still have a pop once in awhile.

But I was seriously addicted.

It was nothing for me to drink 4 Mountain dews in a day. ( some days even more )

Then brilliantly I went to 4 diet MD’s a day.

It was a hard break as I was seriously addicted to the caffiene.

I like to read and it is hard to read while you eat.

At least it is in bed or a big comfy chair.

( I remember being able to eat while reading at the table; I don’t do that anymore. Basically because I would unthinkingly consume big amounts of food without even realizing it )

Eating in front of the TV is something I am very careful with. No meals while watching only carefully planned snacks. Usually a bag of Low fat popcorn!

If I am hungry I try to drink instead of snack.

Most of all I have had to change my mentality about eating.

Before I always wanted to make sure I got my fair share of the yummy stuff. Even if it meant stuffing myself.

Now I am thankful when those yummy temptations are gone.

I wish I could say I meditate and don’t watch TV.

I do watch TV some and Besides my daily prayers for grace and devotions I am pretty simple in the meditating department. No cross legged Yoga yet!

2. What ever happened to the senior picture taking?

We are still not done but we have both been to busy and we are both to much alike…

Okay we are lazy and it seems like a lot of effort.

We wanted some fall pics But I am afraid we may have waited to long. Last weekend it was windy, maybe this weekend will be better.

3. What are some of the lessons you have learned? Victories you have experienced?

Never give up on yourself. I never, never thought I would be this size again, I never thought that I could lose this much weight and I never thought I would like wearing blue jeans.

Which actually at this moment is not my favorite.

They are a little tight, Very inspiring!

Wearing clothes that aren’t completely elastic. Rollerblading, waterskiing, tying my shoes straight on, Having a full day and not being totally exhausted at night, Walking six miles and actually liking it.

You know the best victory is having choices.

Being able to do something or not do something because I want to or don’t want to.

Not because I can’t because I was simply to fat!

4. What advice would you give someone who seems to take one step forward (lose a pound or two) and two steps backward (gains a couple of pounds)?

You know I have been there before and I know I’ll be there again. I keep telling myself I am not going to buy bigger clothes, I am not going to go back. It is simply mind over mouth. I would really hope my mind would win.

NEVER GIVE UP!!! No matter how bad you do. It is not too late. Don’t start tomorrow start right now!

Have someone you are accountable too!

4. What do you "say to yourself" to get you to go for a walk/jog especially when you can find a million excuses not to?

Lately I have been envisioning myself with an enormous butt. It is very motivating.

The other thing is I feel really good after I exercise. I feel like a grownup making good heart taking care of decisions.

Exercise is really not about the weight for me as much as the taking care of my body anymore.

I think of my kids and my husband and how doing this has hopefully extended my life with them.

It’s worth it! Even when they stand there and tease me as I am walk’in and and rock’in with Leslie.

Thanks L for all the questions. I would love more from anyone at anytime. Please don’t be Shy!!

Have a good one!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doing Better


I am really trying to do better posting in case you didn’t notice.

Sometimes I sit down and think what should I post.

Do people really want to know what I eat and do every day.

But then I figure if I am really boring you can just quit reading.

This weekend I fell off the eating wagon again!

I am sure you are tired of hearing about it because I am tired of admitting it.

Church lunch was amazing and I brought home some leftovers for “the kids” ( Mistake # 1)

Although I had to have a bite of numerous bars and cookies just to sample…. for future reference of course.

It was like once the sugar entered into my system I wanted more, more, more…..

At that point I figured Hey it’s okay I still haven’t blown it that bad.

I can just be careful the rest of the day.
But then I went to potluck…

I actually did fine through dinner.

Then dessert came I took a delightful pumpkin dessert so Tim could have that and his apple carmel cake.

Aren’t I so nice?

My one little bite turned into about 5 on my dessert and 2 on his.

Please note I only got 2 of his because his fork was in my way and I didn’t want to be to obvious.

Oh did I mention I had 4 of those little candy pumpkins on the table.

Then came the snack mix.

I was good and took none!

….Until I walked out the door then I just grabbed a little. It was so delicious…pretzels, little ritz crackers, m&ms and candy corn covered in a sugary glaze.

After I got home I knew I shouldn’t eat anything but even though I can’t remember what it was I know I ate something. ( Oh yeah half of a caramel iced cinnamon roll)

So there you have it I was a total loser.

What happened to Will Power!

I am supposed to be better than this!

Yesterday, I climbed back on the wagon.

I ate healthy… beets, squash and green beans, I stayed with the program. I even toasted the butternut seeds ( with only a little pam & seasonings) and snacked on them.

As soon as I am done posting today I am headed for a workout. So far today I am doing great!

13 hours to go!

PLEASE leave me a comment today! I need to know you haven’t given up on me!! :)

I know I am slightly pathetic!