Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Prom Post! Tiff’s last!


Wow! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I posted last years Prom pics. Time goes so fast. {please refer back to my last post :) }

So here are just a few shots from our point and shoots. I am too scared to try and unload Tiff’s camera. ( refer back to this post )

So here are just a few…

Tiff and Kaleb


Tiff, Caleb, Lauren and Zac


Troy’s Group in the next picture

Troy, his date Madison, Felicia and Jessica

You may remember Felicia from here

She was Troy’s Prom date last year

And Jessica is Troy’s girlfriend now


Me too!

He appears to be quite the ladies man, right?

He’s not, He’s just Troy and it’s a long, odd story.


This is the last time Troy and Tiff will be together at Prom

He is soo sad about it


or NOT!


Have a great Day!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Days seem shorter /Tiff’s Pics


Days seem Shorter and go faster

The other day I said this to Troy.

He is our thinker

Later on that day, week….who knows they sometimes all blend together.

He got back with me

He said he had a theory about that.

He too feels like days are shorter than when he was just a “little” kid.

He thinks the older we get the faster our days go.

He had a big long explanation to his theory but in a nutshell it was something like not only do you age when you get older the older you are the faster you age.

Who knows there might even be a mathematical  equation for this somewhere….

time spent (age +1) divided by time left = duration of day

( Are you impressed?  I have been subbing in Algebra again)

So what I basically got from him was the older we get the faster our life goes!!

HMMMM…. I wasn’t sure how I liked this theory

Plus I am not sure it is accurate

I kind of picture  winding up a toy top slowly (aka chilldhood) and then just letting it spin… it goes crazy for a while almost out of control sometimes. (adult- middle aged)

Does that mean toward the end of our lives the days will start to slow down just like a top does when it starts running out of zip. (retirement to nursing home age)

I feel like I am in the spinning out of control part of this Hypothesis. ( I have been subbing in Biology this week)

What does all this mean….

My life is incredibly busy right now and it doesn’t look like things are going to be less busy for quite awhile. I am not complaining I am just expounding. (English Class)

Just thought I would share :)

On to the next topic of they day/night, whatever

This week my brother Sam and Kristen K spent a couple of hours after school taking a few more Senior pics of Tif.

We love them!

They are so Tif!

She loves them!

Which makes us all happy!!! :)

Here are some edited, we still have a few changes to make but actually not too many.

Go here to view them at Kristen Kaehr’s  Photography blog. Kristen is an amazing photo editor and has a lot of great ideas.

And I have to admit it…

My brother Sam is pretty amazing at getting neat pictures and poses. He has taken both Travis and Tadd’s Senior pics plus  both his boys and a few others.

I think girls pics used to make him a little uneasy but he was so great with Tif I was really impressed!!

So there you have it a Shout Out for Kristen and Sam and a sort of deep thought from Troy and I.

Oh, if you like the Pics please leave Kristen a comment. I would love to know your favorite.

buenas noches, (la clase española también )