Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Friday, January 28, 2011

You never know what you might find…


Picture of the week # 3 ( I know I"’m behind, what else is new?)

Look what I found wedged in a behind the drawer sorta spot….

A very old, gummy “PLUGGY” I am sure someone was very unhappy about 13- 16 years ago depending on the owner…

I am guessing Troy because he was a our biggest “pluggy” fan.


Funny thing about this gummy, sticky, really old, non-useable pluggy….

I had a hard time throwing it out. I actually set it on my window ledge for a few days. Matter a fact I am not sure what happened to it. I think I threw it out or maybe someone less sentimental in the house did.

Or maybe It will show up a few years down the road…

and I will still have a hard time getting rid of it. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A good idea


So since I have been really struggling on posting I  have decide to copy Jenna and try to post one picture a week. That already puts me a week behind.

Now I am not guaranteeing new pics just a pic.


So as I was going through pics looking for pics fro Trevors scrapbook page I ran across this one from  the olds days…some of Tadd’s Sunday school class.

All the girls are married and in a few short weeks Trevor will join their club.

You will notice how styling Tadd is above… Plaid pants and yellow polo …

Some things never change!


So my pic of the week is Tadd styling in a very old , very tight snowmobile suit.

Thank goodness we found him something to wear skiing besides this.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A 14 year old Aunt…


I was lucky enough to become an aunt at a very young age!!

I was a very good Aunt!

I let them play with Kitties. ( At least I think that is a kitty)


I rode with them in the back seat… or was possibly forced.


I helped them get dressed, and taught them how to cook.


I taught them valuable life lessons


Thought I better throw a real cute one in of kris after that last one.


Fed them age appropriate snacks, was very cautious about how much they ate.. Especially off the floor!!


Taught them how to be the life of the party. Even when everyone is ignoring you.


Remind you of anyone??


Had quality family girl time.scan0013

Introduced them to really nice guys


Played in the sand with themscan0012

Encouraged healthy exercise


Wow! Could you get any luckier than to have an aunt like me :)

I wonder what could happen as a 42 year old GREAT Aunt…


Possibilities are endless!!!  :)

Too bad I have to share with Grandma!!


Have a great one!


OH and to Clarify on that last post when I said “landed it” I meant it in the since of what goes up must come down. I don’t think it was really successful. I believe the one that looks like I really landed it was followed immediately by a face plant! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A small leak


It is amazing what a small leak can lead too…

A while back I noticed we had a leak coming from under our Laundry room into our garage.

This lead to tearing out some drywall to get to it…

which lead to cleaning out underneath the laundry room which was a small storage space.

Somehow this lead to cleaning out the attic above the garage ( at least a start)

Which lead to finding many interesting things including some pictures I had forgotten about.

Which may just be a new supply of blogging fun!

So her we go…. A blast from the past…

Amazing the things I would do in front of a boat load of guys.


Not once


Not twice


Yep 3 times,  Oh to be 18 again, or not!

Incidentally after landing that last one I sprained my ankle.

The picture makes it look much more graceful than it actually was :)

I don’t think I impressed anyone.

What is that saying…Pride cometh before the fall!

Then there was my first job and first car!!

Richards Restaurant and a 1985 Chevy Cavalier!!!!


Everyone should be a waitress at least once and I loved that little car.


So sad when I totaled it!


Finally Florida 1987… Fort Myers Church, I believe


Do you know these ladies?

Funny thing I just got rid of that dress in the last month when I was cleaning out a closet. I really loved that dress. So hard to part with until I showed it to Tif and she asked me if I really wore that ugly thing!!!!

HUMMMPFF!!! Some people just don’t appreciate the 80’s!! I did get rid of though to my chagrin due to the fact that the material and the elastic were making crunchy sounds and I really didn’t think I would wear it again. Plus believe it or not it didn’t fit!! :)

All this due to the fact some glue didn’t hold my drain pipe on to my sink.

You gotta look for the good in everything!!

My Garage is getting cleaned out and I am finding lost treasures!

Till next time,