Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Washington DC part 2


When I was a kid every once in a while my parents would takes us to a Travel log. It was usually in The Bluffton Movie theatre ( so you know how long ago that has been ) And usually aside from it being in a movie theatre I didn’t find it all that exciting.

So I hope my posts aren’t boring you all too much.

But if they are, lucky you can always exit out!! :)

This pic is taken from the Lincoln Monument obviously towards the Washington monument.


Next we headed to the Vietnam Wall memorial


The wall with all the names, started narrow and grew…


The wall with our reflection, So many names, so many died.

So sobering, so sad!!


Next we headed to the White House

Tyler thought all the corner street Vendors looked cool and wanted to stop for a treat.


We thought we would all grab a snack


until we realized that a simple good Humor ice cream bar costs $4.00 Tyler settled on  a lemon ice which we all shared. He is soberly displaying $4.00 here.

We asked if they did White House tours…

Basically you had to register 6 months in advance with your state government.

So this is as close as we got!



Next we headed to the Korean war Monument

Statues of soldiers



A reflection wall with etched faces. Do you see me in the middle?






Now it was time to head back to the truck, our 3 hour time limit was almost up.

We saw this on the walk back. I just thought it was cool I am not sure what it really is.


By now it was 11:30 so we decided to try and check into our hotel.S5030137

We were in luck and they let us check in early. Isn’t it lovely?

Actually it was clean, had a great free breakfast, was only about 2 miles from the capitol and was fairly inexpensive.

Sadly the pool was only open from 11:00 am to 8:00pm so we never got to swim. Plus as If you noticed the pool was in the middle of the parking lot :)

We changed clothes, I showered and we headed back out for more sight seeing!!

Well that’s all for today on Washington DC

Stay tuned for part 3.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Washington DC part 1


You wait and wait  for vacation and then “POOF” it’s over!

I have lots of fun pics to share of the lakes but I don’t have them on this computer yet  and since I have been such a loser at posting I though that I would try to post some pics more often over the next few weeks.

So we had 2 great weeks at the lakes, great weather, great fun and great family not to mention 2 of the most darling twin baby girls ever!! We can’t wait to go back again next year!!

I noticed that my niece Ames had some photos posted already of the lakes so if you just can’t wait head here and here to enjoy a few, although I did notice that there are none of me… HMMM

Not to fear I will post some of myself even though the camera makes me look older and heavier :)

So we got back from the lakes Friday night and then Saturday we attended the funeral of my cousin Jean Anne. She was in her early 60’s and died from Cancer. She will be greatly missed in the Kaehr family.

Sunday was Church so then on Monday I had planned to really hit the enormous pile of clothes, sheets, blankets, towels that had to be washed still or folded and put away.

I knew Tim had a run to Virginia on Monday night but when I got the address to run a map for it we realized it was actually Washington DC.

200 Constitution Ave. to be exact, a block from the state capital. Tyler was planning on going with him and they wanted me to come and see DC.

Now I am really not much of a rider and the prospect of being in the pickup for 11 hours one way  driving through the night was slightly daunting to me.

But a free trip to DC finally won me over at about 4:00 in the afternoon.

I found a reasonable hotel online for Tuesday night and we left around 8:00 pm.

So Tuesday morning around 7:00 we delivered our load to our destination… The basement parking garage under The dept of Labor building.

Being the true tourist here I snapped a picture right before we turned into our delivery address.



By 8:00 we were unloaded and ready to see the sights.


First of all driving around DC is a nightmare, And I wasn’t even driving, I was in the backseat. Poor Tim :)

Have you ever tried to find a parking place in DC??

Especially for a truck like this….S5030138

We were lucky and found a free parking space along the Tidal Basin.

Across from the Jefferson Memorial.


From there we walked…. and walked and walked.

Lets just say we did a lot of walking!!!!

We saw many sights…

The Washington Monument…


Yep that’s me, looking slightly wrinkled and travel worn.

Remember I just got out of the truck after traveling through the night.

Wait till you see some of the pics of Tim. At this point he had not slept for 24 hours.

Here is another pic of the monument taken from the WW2 memorial.



WW2 memorial


Tim and I in front of the Indiana marker in the Memorial

He is still looking somewhat chipper here :)




Reflection pool and Lincoln memorial


Some of the tamest ducks I have ever seen.



Why they call it the reflection pool. Cool HUH?


The Lincoln Memorial

I believe I counted 92 steps to the top!



S5030099  S5030098

Okay so now it is only about 9:45 am in our day. I think I will stop here for now. You can see why I am breaking it up into a few posts!

We weren’t there long but I believe we squeezed as much into a day as possible! We left our house on Monday at 8:00 pm and were home Wednesday at 11:00 pm. We were only gone for 51 hours. 22-23 of those hours were spent in the truck.

Shockingly, I would do it again…. But not right away :)

Have a great Day!