Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Before and After


I haven’t said much about the great “flood” in awhile and a few have inquired if we are done with the fix up yet….

Basically yes!!!


I still have a few little things to do or put back and we have to replace a breaker box that was damaged by all the fans and dehumidifiers but other than that it is DONE!!!

Here is what started it all!




This room was tricky because it is very uneven and the Insurance Co. didn’t want us to replace the tile.

But around the floor we had varying degrees of damage to the bottom few rows of tile.

Tim’s Uncle John Klopfenstein (Klopfenstein Furniture Leo and 14/69 stores, Hey I thought I would give him a plug! He’s GOOD!!) came up with this cost efficient alternative… Ceramic tile that could be cut to fit our uneven room with a top piece that would join the 2 tiles together nicely.The old tile was plastic and lays flatter against the wall then the tile now days. We are guessing this tile has been there for 40+ years.

This bathroom used to be green, blue and pink.

I like the new look!!

Bigger view….


Before downstairs middle room and ceiling100_3539


Now after…



Before Upstairs Hall…


Now after…


It is hard to show you the difference but I think it’s big!

Plus I have been on a cleaning out rampage!!

Which just in itself is a great feeling!

So I can look back at this experience and feel very blessed in spite of the utter impatience and frustration I felt while living in the mess!

On the weight loss front, week one was basically a great one I lost 3.5 pounds.

I spent a couple of days with a slight flu bug that made food very unappetizing.

But was a huge help to my diet and helped shrink my stomach!! Hey you got to look for the positives!

Sadly due to my injury (see last post) I am very limited on exercise.

I had Tiff take a pic of my leg. I really hesitate posting it as it is really ugly (leg and bruise) but I thought maybe someone will have some insight and wisdom to share if they saw it.


My actual pain and injury are my upper thigh and hip/behind area but this bruise showed up a few days ago and is is low. What’s up with that?

I never actually fell or hit it on anything.

The diagnosis now is a pulled hamstring.

I head back to the chiropractor this week for a check and I will see what he says.

I think it is feeling better so I hope I am on the mend!!

Hint for the day if your trying to drop some extra pounds…

One of the biggest things I realized this last week is that I have to write down everything that goes in my mouth!! It just is huge for me otherwise no matter how good my intentions are I just am not accountable for everything I am eating!! I don’t like doing this but it is necessary!!

Have a great one!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Hurts!


Last week I started a new workout video.

Jillian’s 30 day Shred (Jillian is one of the trainers from the Biggest Loser)

Some of the teachers at the school kind of got me started.

Plus this DVD is only  $9 at the local Wal-Mart.



It has 3 levels of workouts.

I am still on level one following the modified (easier) workout.

I can’t imagine moving on to level 2 for quite awhile.

The workout is only about 28 minutes but she covers cardio and strength. She also targets certain muscles.

Let’s just say the 1st day after I was moving around very carefully.

Sadly I will have to go back to some of my low impact exercises for awhile as I have a slight injury.

Okay I am not good at that making a long story short but here goes.

Monday I got up did this workout then I went to school to sub for the Gym teacher. This is one of my favorite sub jobs.

I mean you get to wear exercise clothes and tennis shoes and sometimes you get a whistle.

I love whistles!!!

Although I was only in for a half of day so I didn’t bother with the whistle.

I know who cares right?

Back to the story at hand.

The 6th grade kids were playing Chinese kick ball, boys vs. the girls and the girls were soooo behind that I thought I would just jump in and help them out.

Okay confession I was just aching to play too!

So I head out there and am doing pretty good I got one of the boys out and still had possession of the ball when one boy whizzed by me.

I took off running after him to get him out too…

Feeling quite cocky I might add.

When all of the sudden my left leg basically quit functioning. I can only imagine what I must have looked like.

Actually I don’t have to imagine too much as the other Gym sub and interpreter  (for the deaf) told me I looked like I was careening head first for a bad fall.

Basically that’s what it felt like my right leg was running full bore while my left leg dragged behind with no control. I couldn’t stop and It felt like I was going to take a header.

Luckily I managed to get it stopped (or should I say God was with me and I didn’t fall) Because by all the laws of gravity I should have bit the dust.

So after visiting my chiropractor who chastised me for not coming in for a year and if I had been properly in line this wouldn’t have happened.

I have been informed that I pulled my hamstring!

Basically I have to ice my Behind and apply heat to my thigh for the next few days to a week and not strain it.

Here is something new for me. Sitting around is a challenge! (Painful) Who Knew! 

I guess some one needs to inform my 20 year old mind that I have a 41 year old body.

Makes me sad!!  :(

Cause I really like Chinese Kickball!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eat Fresh and Back on Track!


Oh it was a hard one writing all those names down and then drawing out of a bowl…


We have a winner….


I hope this makes your day!

Your odds were the best since you advertised on your blog!

But lets face it everybody had pretty good odds at this contest.

Oh and Lori P. you did make it in, according to my clock your comment was left at 8:08 I must be an hour behind you!!

I believe I have learned something about contests this week….

I should maybe have them last longer than 2 days if I want more entries!

It was fun though and I already have an idea for another one.

Maybe when I meet my first goal weight loss.

So Lisa please contact me at susietonner@gmail.com and let me know where I can send your gift card!

Okay now I suppose you are wondering what I am talking about on this whole goal weight thing.

Over the last year some pounds have crept back on.

It probably started way back last spring when I just couldn’t make the scale go down anymore and I had hit a 6 month plateau.

I was okay with that as long as I didn’t gain.

Then I started weighing less. Like every 2-3 weeks and I was doing pretty good I mean a couple pounds up is really no big deal right?

Next thing I knew I was 10lbs up and that my friends is on a eating plan that was still low fat high fiber.

I have not went nuts and gorged myself, I haven’t went back to my old ways, I have still been making an effort to lose.

Then weighing became just to discouraging and I pretty much stopped weighing for a few months.

I am like that.

I didn’t want to know.

You see I am a person that likes to cope with problems by ignoring and avoiding.

Since my winter clothes are bulkier than my summer clothes this worked for awhile.

Then my jeans were getting down right painful to put on.

Over the holidays and vacation I made an effort but I slipped in a buckeye here and a cookie there.

A few M&M’s and pretzels here and a piece of peppermint Oreo ice cream dessert there. I mean after all I haven’t had  a whole piece of dessert in 3 years right?

Also when my house was completely torn up I had no place that was CONVIENT to exercise.

SO my friends I didn’t weigh for 2 months.

I didn’t want to know. If I don’t know there is no problem right?


I weighed and it wasn’t pretty! I have 20 pounds to take off before summer and I have to break out my unforgiving not so bulky clothes!!!!

The worst part about this whole thing is the fact That it snuck back on without me not watching.

Actually I was watching, I just was avoiding.

I was eating too late at night.

I was eating very healthy most of the time just too much (apparently)

I wasn’t writing down my food so I was missing things when I added everything up in my mind.

MATH has never been my strong area!

I quit weighing!!!

But Jeans don’t lie and either does my favorite zip and hook dress skirt and they told me it was time for change.

So here I am a week into my serious diet.

I am writing down my food and keeping track of my water intake. I am exercising almost daily. I am slightly injured right now so I may just be strength training or low impact for the next few days.

I am weighing 4-5 times a week maybe overkill but it is something I need to do right now.

I need to reacquaint myself with my scale again and we need to become friends!

I guess I am reevaluating and starting over!!

That’s Okay though.

I would rather start here than where I was 3 years ago.

Even though I am not good at math I did a little to show you how easy it is to gain 20 pounds in 6 months.

It takes 3,000 extra calories to gain 1 pound.

so 20 lbs translates into 60,000 extra calories!!

I must have really pigged out HUH!

Do the math divide it by 6 months roughly 180 days and you come up with 333 calories extra a day.

Okay so add in 190 calories for 2 T peanut butter,

1 medium banana 105 calories a couple of extra pretzels and your there.

Take away the extra 300 calories from working out and you messed your self over twice.

It doesn’t take much and you have gained a pound.

That is what ticks me off the most!!

I will never ever get to eat like I WANT to!!

And NO amount of complaining, bellyaching will change that!!

So here I go again!!

Since I want to lose those 60,000 calories in 3 to 4 months lets say 4 months (more realistic) so 120 days that is 500 calories a day I either have to eat less or burn daily then what I need. Plus I have obviously been eating extra calories like 300+ so I have to convince my body to let go of 800 calories a day that it has been getting for the last 6 months.

Let me just tell you neither my brain or body is very happy about this but I am almost a week into it and we are all adjusting and I believe I have gotten rid of at least 4,500 of those extra calories only 55,500 to go!! :) Who knows if this goes well maybe I can get rid of some more calories and finally beat that plateau!!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

As Usual I’m a day late!


Yep that’s right, yesterday was my 1st year Blogaversary.

So in honor of the fact that I have stuck with blogging a complete whole year I am doing my 1st ever giveaway.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me one goal you have for this year (because we all need goals) and you will officially be entered in a random drawing to win a $10 gift card from Subway. I know not very exciting but hey if this goes well I already have another idea for another giveaway.


If you put it my giveaway on your facebook or blog leave me another comment for another chance.

Some of my goals this year are to exercise at least 4 times a week preferably 5, eat healthy and lose those pounds that have been slowly creeping back, and maybe get some arm muscle and ab muscle.

Right now I can’t even find my abs! But I know they are there because something is aching after my new workout video!! ( More on that later if I can still move)

So get started and leave me comments as this contest will be over at 9:00 pm on Saturday night.

Eat Fresh!


Monday, January 4, 2010

I think I was meant to live someplace WARM!


I think I love Florida!

Even though it wasn’t the warmest while we were there it was still GREAT!

I am ready to head back!


I really don’t have time to post a bunch tonight but I thought I would put up a few pics of our trip!

Our lovely resort pool, Notice how busy it is!!

But when you are from Indiana on Christmas break you are determined to get some Sun! :)


My view from my pool chair! I love palm trees!

I don’t think you have to rake up after them.


Poinsettias everywhere and not in pots.


The Guys go Golfing ( Travis is really the only Golfer the others went along to bond! ) Troy apparently didn’t like one of his Putts and went out of turn and accidentally nailed Tim in the back.

everyone (except Tim) thought it was hilarious!

( He was a really good sport though)

Another Highlight… 3 separate Golf carts!!

I know, Scary!


I wanted a nice pic…. Do you think they could cooperate?


Tiff turned 18!!!


All of us celebrating at Logans!


Mom’s and Daughters

IMG_1883  Next Generation


Trying to get a 13 year old to cooperate…


Who can resist a giant M & M


Playing Rook (Mom must be winning) :)


Meeting up with Sam and Connie’s crew!!

Enjoying the Hot Tub after Volleyball!


Christmas Eve… Right before the Guys headed home!

I can’t resist a opportunity for a family pic…

Much to their dismay

family florida pic


So soon it was over and time to head home…

Some droveS5031057

Some Flew…S5031079  Beautiful…S5031084

And we all made it home safe and sound!

Praise the Lord!

I am so thankful for the wonderful time we had together as a family!


as I sit here blogging in my Thermal and Fleece Jammies not to mention my thick, soft, fleece socks!!

I can’t help thinking…..