Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Another post from me with no clever title.


I wonder how long I can keep naming my posts like this?

Now some of you probably aren’t super enthused at rhubarb but if you have some growing and don’t what to do with it here are some really good snacks ( or desserts ) that won’t cost you a lot of WW points.

I had pretty much written off rhubarb because of all the sugar I had to add to make it sweet enough to eat then my Mom whipped up these recipes in what I like to call her “test kitchen” and they are great! She is amazing and loves to try recipes with a WW makeover twist. These were a definite success! Thanks MOM!S5030627


15 cups diced rhubarb

3 cups splenda

Leave stand overnight in refrigerator

Next day add 1 cup water

Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes or until rhubarb is tender.

Remove from burner and stir in two 3 oz sugar free strawberry jellos.

0 points

Now I had just a small amount of cool whip free to this and call it 1 pt. ( I know I add cool whip free to everything)

For you money savers out there Cool whip is back at a $1 this week at Kroger, Scotts and Walmart and to make it even cheaper go to couponmom.com and print the $1 off on 2 coupon. There are a lot of great coupons at this site. A friend just told me about it yesterday and I was excited to find coupons for things I buy all the time!



2 cups diced rhubarb

2 cups water

1 small cook and serve sugar free/fat free Vanilla pudding mix

Mix well and bring to boil and simmer 5 minutes until rhubarb is tender

Remove from burner and stir in one 3 oz sugar free strawberry jello

Let cool and stir in

½ container of FF Cool Whip and mix well

Pour this over 3 cups of Sliced strawberries or mix together.

(This will fill 6 one cup containers)

4 points for the whole recipe.

Not even a pt for 1 serving.

Oh and here are the little trouble makers that I just can’t resist…


Thing is you can have 17 of these for just 2 points.

That is not a bad snack.


I am getting tired of calling these supper. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The post I could not come up with a clever name for!


I know, I know!

It has been awhile.

Excuse #1 We are finally in the field planting

Excuse #2 I have been busy subbing

While these are both very valid excuses it really boils down to The…

Truth: I am a lazy procrastinating blogger ( Ouch!)

Let it not be said that I am not truthful!

Quick update from my last blog…

I had some commentors so real quick let me answer their questions…

To anonymous,

No, you do not need a treadmill to walk with the Leslie dvds. You actually walk or kinda march in place in front of your TV. I even have a friend that has worked out with these Dvds in a hotel room.

To Jessica,

Yes you can get these Dvds at the library and at no charge! Yeah!

To Lisa,

I love your stories keep’em coming. I would love to Dump some Plump!

To Lora and Julie, Love your comments!

And Finally to Kris,

You are the motivation behind this post today! :)

Okay so now you wonder how I have been doing right?

For about a week not so good.

I didn’t exercise for like 4 or 5 days straight, I had an affair with Krogers waffle pretzels and basically didn’t write anything down.

Good news though, I discovered I am really still pretty good even when I am bad.

I have discovered that I am a food addict.

No, no one told me it is just something I have been thinking about a lot in my spare time.

Normal addicts can quit there addiction completely.

You don’t need to smoke, or drink alcohol so you can just get them out of your life because you simply don’t need them to live.

Unfortunately for a food addict you have to eat.

You need food to live!

So you have to battle your desire for more, more, more, while you are eating.

Some foods are harder to stop eating (AKA waffle pretzels) ( Hey at least they are baked and low fat)

You just want to keep eating them and eating them.
Plus they are fun to eat! row by row

I told you I am addicted to them and this week they are only $1.00 a bag.

Okay i know I had a point to all this…

Oh yeah, basically I am scared to fall off that proverbial wagon of eating.

I don’t trust myself, Maybe I never truly will, Maybe that is good.

What I realized is that even when I was bad last week I still ate good. Healthy and not crazy out of control.

This gives me hope, and yeah a little bit of confidence.

I am back to daily exercise, mostly walking outside.

And it is so much more fun to walk with a friend or a sister. The time goes so fast when I can run my mouth along with my feet.

If you have been discouraged with your weight or your eating, or your exercise this month don’t panic, get back on track now, go weigh, make yourself some healthy snacks, pray for grace and guidance you aren’t alone.

Read this blog :)

Just today I found two quotes that I think are very fitting…

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin ( I will say fit because I am not thin) Feels!”

“Heredity loads the gun and lifestyles pull the trigger”

Well that’s really all for today.

Hopefully in the very near future I will post some new rhubarb recipes… Rhubarb Strawberry fluff and Rhubarb sauce. My mom has been busy in her test kitchen! :)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walk away the pounds!


Today I am devoting this entire blog to exercise!

Whoa! Don’t leave!

You might find it interesting and I am going to show you a cool internet gadget.

I blog a lot about Leslie Sansone DVD’s

She has a lot of them out.

Thanks to Julie L’s comment on my last post I am going to tell you about the ones I use the most!

It all started a little over 2 years ago when I still weighed over 300 lbs. Exercise for me was just moving around and doing my chores. When I started this video I thought it was high impact and really for me at that time it was.

For anyone just starting to exercise this video is a good place to start…

S5030620 It has 2 separate workouts a one mile and a 2 mile. If anyone wants to try it out you are more than welcome to borrow it.

Next I decided I needed a little more so I invested in the 5 day fit walk…


It has 3 separate 30 minute workouts and 2, 20 minute workouts. This is still one of my favorites because it provides variety.

This is probably your best value for your buck!

Next, I bought this one because of it’s promises to decrease your waistline ( I am a sucker for anything that will reduce my gut as that is my biggest problem area ) I like this one, It came with a waistline belt but I don’t use it as much as I should probably because it is a longer workout ( 3 miles approximately 45 minutes ) My goal was to do it once a week, so far I have failed.

*Note- You can just do segments of this workout and still get in your exercise.

Again I like this one, but I could live without it.S5030623

Last but certainly not least is my most recent one…

Four Fast Miles


I bought this one at Sam’s club this winter. It is fun and it goes fast. If you do the entire workout it takes about 48 minutes. On days when I don’t have that much time I stop at 2 miles (24 minutes) or 3 miles (36 minutes). It has 5 intervals of jogging. This is not for the faint of heart. You will sweat and you will get a workout.

I love this one! It also came with a 15 minute high impact jog DVD with a follow up leg workout.

If I don’t have time for anything else I try do at least do the 15 minute workout. ( Okay unless I am highly unmotivated , see yesterdays post titled confessions ) Oh and by the way someone did call me to walk with them last night and they didn’t even read my blog!

This workout also came with a pedometer that has never worked! A few of my friends have bought this same deal at Sam’s club and their pedometer has also never worked. But the videos are worth the $13 dollars without it!

Now Leslie may not be for everyone. She is always extremely perky and has an annoying little giggle but you will get used to it  and all in all I think her workouts are worth it.

They are a lot cheaper than a club membership, easier to store than a treadmill, and can even be taken along on vacation.

Plus you can workout in your Jammies in the comfort of your own living room!

Now I realize that walking outside when it’s nice is still a better option but this is great in the winter and when getting out just ain’t happenin!

Okay enough with the Leslie, don’t forget to drink through out the day especially when exercising.

I fail miserably at this. It does really help me to have my own personal water bottle that I fill with water and GV fruit punch throughout the day.

My kids fondly refer to it as Mom’s Ba Ba.


I find that I am less hungry if I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I have really tried to get away from pop (even diet). Next I will be trying to get away from my sugar free fruit punch. :)

Oh and I promised you a cool gadget click here to find out how many calories you burn with different activities. All you have to do is enter you weight and how long of period of time you plan on exercising.

It even tells how many calories you burn watching TV or reading a book.

I just read an article that said most people over estimate how many calories they burn during exercise.

Since exercise can make us hungry we actually give ourselves permission to eat more because after all we just exercised.

Then we eat more calories than we actually burned.

So I guess the best thing is to not give yourself extra calories for your exercise. I mean unless your in training for a a marathon or an Olympic athlete or something like that.

Well I am off to do some cleaning for the next 30 minutes where I will approximately burn 110 calories!

Enjoy your day and happy calorie burning!



Monday, May 11, 2009



I’ve been bad!

How’s that for a grabber?

This week I didn’t exercise for 3 days in a row.

This is bad for me

Everyday I missed exercise made it easier to miss the next.

I had excuses…

It was raining

I had plans later and didn’t want to sweat and reshower

too tired

too cold

not in the mood for Leslie (Sansone)

not in the mood for the treadmill

I feel sick ( I really do have a cold, Yuck! I mean how can I go all winter and get a cold now, oops off track!)

One day won’t hurt

And truly one day won’t hurt

but it is the day day after and the day after I was getting concerned about.

So Saturday I took my faithful walking partner (my dog aptly named Buddy) and we walked for 40 minutes. Breaking the non-exercise streak!

Then yesterday I knew I would be at my sister’s house and we would walk after dinner and guess what it rained so no walk.

Today I am still sick and unmotivated so what do I do? I blog. I guess you could say I am letting my fingers do the walking.

Seriously I plan on doing something, I am just waiting for it to warm up a little.

Or maybe someone will call and want to walk with me.

But if nothing else I let you all know and now I am accountable.

Oh and by the way I haven’t weighed in awhile so I did that today too.

Stayed the same (WHEW!)

But still what am I thinking?

I just sold all my favorite fat clothes, there is no going back.

For any of you who think I have it all under control all the time you now know I don’t!

That’s okay with me, confession is good for the soul ( and the mind and the body)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prom Post from me too!

Well I decided that everyone else was posting prom pics so I may as well too!

Here is Tiff with her Prom date…


And Here is Troy with his date for the evening


and the happy group together…SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503Samsung Techwin co., Ltd.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503Samsung Techwin co., Ltd.

Wow they grow up fast!!

Wasn’t it just yesterday???


Troy and Tiffani are in the middle holding baby Tyler. Well actually Troy is holding Tyler and Tif is holding the basketball.

Who would have thought they would double date to Prom someday?

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503Samsung Techwin co., Ltd.

Time flies when your having fun!


Friday, May 1, 2009

What a Day!


Well day one of the big garage sale is over!

I think it went very well as I watched loads of my big clothes head to new closets!

I have to give my neighbor Shelly R a big thank you!

Without her generous offer to let me go in with her at this garage sale I may never have been motivated enough to go through my big clothes and get them marked!

A big thanks to her hubby too! He was a great sport!

So I spent the morning at the garage sale then I headed to school this afternoon to sub!

Then after school back to the garage sale.

When I got to school today I was told that the Business Professional National Conference that Troy, Mom and I were headed to next Thursday in Dallas, Texas had been cancelled due to the Swine Flu.

This is a big deal as kids from 49 states were planning to attend.

Tonight I spent quite a bit of time on the phone trying to cancel our plane reservations ( non-refundable of course ) and other arrangements.

So it has been quite the day!

I am thankful I did get up early and exercise or it probably wouldn’t have happened, plus I think it was a stress reducer today.

Tomorrow is prom, promenade, after prom and day 2 of the garage sale. Plus Tyler has to be at school at 7:00 am to leave for an Academic Bowl in Fort Wayne.

Another very busy day! Especially for homebody like me!

I can only hope that I will be too busy to eat!

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the positives! :)