Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well we had 3 marvelous snow days!!

But I fear they are over now.

But then again tomorrow is Friday and I love Fridays!!!

I love snow days, I always have but since I started working full time

I have a new appreciation for them.

Here are a few pics from the last few days.

Driveway clean up


We don’t mess around… tractor and blade also got in on the action.


Troy is moving cars to clean the parking area, very appropriately dressed for the weather. HA


He was having a hard time… Tiffs car was stuck on an ice patch.


I changed my calendar… I think I am going to love February!


January was sort of hard on me!


I worked out every day with Leslie ( Leslie Sansone DVD’s)

I have been enjoying a new favorite…


Been cooking Healthy and low fat.

I know it looks disgusting but it is delicious….

red peppers, onions, fresh mushrooms, egg whites, potatoes

Tiff made it into a smiley face!


I decided if we were cancelled today I would make the blanket that I have had material sitting in my closet for about 8 months.

I got the fleece on sale so I decided to make a 3 yd one for Tim.

Just took me a while.

Here it is cut and I started tying corners

Notes chapter11 006

This is what the corners look like before I tie them. Some people cut the corners out. I prefer to angle them out.

Notes chapter11 008

This blanket went fast.

I think I was done in about 90 minutes.


Notes chapter11 010

And Folded! So Soft!

Notes chapter11 012

Don’t worry I have goofed off plenty the last 3 days…

I just finished book 3 and started book 4. Nothing beats a good book , a fleece blanket, a glass of Sprite Zero and a bowl of popcorn on a snow day!

Life is good!!



  1. Ohh that blanket looks amazing . . .I just want to curl up under it - especially with all the cold and snow outside. 8 months of waiting to do it, done in 90 minutes - wow! Speedy! I'm sooo proud of your weight loss efforts and your commitment to the "lifestyle" and not just the "diet". You're such an inspiration!!! Keep teaching me so I can be amazing too.

  2. Mayday - I lost your email address. Can you send me a message so I can have it again? I'm so sorry. I was able to post the picture of my breakfast sandwich which included the broccoli (was going to email it to you). The broccoli is the Byrds Eye Steam Fresh bags ($1.49 at Kroger currently) - it is lightly sauced broccoli. It has 80 kcal per cup and I had just a little under a half of a cup. I'm not usually a cheese sauce on my broccoli kind of girl, but it was good.