Our Family Pic October 2008

Our Family Pic October 2008
Still smiling!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A long past due update


Seriously, I think I almost forgot how to post.

It has been awhile, I know

Not sure where to really begin…

I have basically completed my first school year at work.

So many changes this year.

Moved to our temp office last week, Hope to be in our new office by August. I am excited. It is going to be a beautiful office! So worth all the construction.

So many changes since my last post.

My Mother- in- law went to meet Jesus on May 5th. I can rejoice for her.  She has no more pain! We all miss her! Such a huge empty spot in the family.

Really puts life into perspective… Life is short.

Lost weight, gained weight, losing weight again….

Such a vicious cycle!

My kids are all growing up.

Travis is busy working 3 jobs this summer. 3 days a week he lives in Leo.

Tadd is on his 7th week in Burley, Idaho for a college internship…3 weeks to go. :)

Tiffani is working 2 jobs this summer. Loving them both!

Troy…is working some but vacationing more so far.  He just got back from white water rafting with his Sunday school class in West Virginia and then a week at Lake Norris in TN with about 16 other guys. Hard to believe he is going to be a Senior.

Tyler is 15 going on 30.  Today he is working ground. He would live in the Tractor if we’d let him.

I lost my faithful walking partner, One morning Buddy just didn’t wake up.

I was sad to lose him but knew with his age (14) it was inevitable.

I never really post much about Tim, usually because he likes it that way :)

I am really not into gushing a lot. 

But I have to say I have been blessed with a great husband. It always amazes me how different we are. Yet how well our personalities blend to make each other happy. We are so opposite.

He is a man of few words… I am a woman of many.

He thinks before he speaks. I speak then think.

He is very matter a fact. I debate!

Even though we are different we have many similarities…

We love the Lord

We love each other

We love our kids

We love our families

We love our Friends.

Love conquers all and opposites attract…works for us :)

I could go on and on but he would not be thrilled, that is just not him.

I told you we were different.

I think I am safe though because he really doesn’t read my blog.

And really after 4 months I am not sure if anybody does :)

Oh and I went to my first Prom and I got a cute date too!!!


Can you tell who was having more fun? He was such a good sport!


I am sure our kids were thrilled!!


Quite the posers


Very GQ…debonair


HMMM… Don’t mess with these two?


You’re in trouble now…


All better


Okay this might be getting slightly carried away!!

Brotherly love!


Have a Great MONDAY!



  1. Oh my goodness -welcome back to blogging - I MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry to hear about Buddy and your mother-in-law. Loss is so hard.
    Prom? Really - come on - how.much.fun.was.that! (Obviously Tim would think not so much, but you look awesome and so very happy!). Look how skinny you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl - you're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Missed you - glad you're back!

  2. Great post Susie!! It has been a real roller coaster for your family. So sorry about your mother-in-law. Congrats on going to the Prom; hope it was worth the wait. Looks like Tim maybe was hoping to wait another year or two before going to the prom. (ha ha) Hope you enjoy your time off from school. Loved the post--you are too funny. julie :)

  3. Welcome Back!!! Happy to hear from you :) So sorry about your mother-in-law. You look great. Can't wait til next post!!!!!!!!

  4. Yay!! you're back:) LOVE the picture of you and tim--so cute! kept the posts coming:)
    ~sarah q

  5. i'm glad you're back to blogging. we don't know each other. i found your blog thru sarahflyingkites and every once in a while stop in to read (and appreciate) your posts.

    ps our families do have a way of growing up, don't they?